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SBGR Review

SBGR MA 190 Week 4

hyperthyroidism excessive thyroid hormone
hypothyroidism insufficient thyroid hormone
anorexia lack of appetite
buccal cheek
genetics scientific study of heredity
chromosome DNA molecule composed of regions called genes
Gynecologist physician who specializes in the female reproductive system
homeostasis relative uniformity of body's internal environment
dehydration water intake is less that output
edema increased fluid in tissue
gastroenteritis inflammation of the stomach and small intestine
laparotomy incision into the mid-abdominal area
celiac abdominal cavity
autoimmune arising from and directed against an individual's own tissue
lymphocyte cell of the lymph system
chemotherapy treatment with chemicals
presbycusis progressive hearing loss due to age
presbyopia farsightedness as a result of normal aging process
lymphadenitis inflammation of the lymph nodes
rhinitis inflammation of the nasal cavity
Created by: SBGrandRapids