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phlebotomy test chapters 1-2

The most common specimen analyzed in the hematology section is: Whole blood
Tests for ketones, urobilinogen, nitrite and pH are part of a: Urinalysis
The laboratory employee who prepares surgical specimen samples for microscopic examination is the: Histologist
A competent professional demeanor is shown by: pleasantness, neatness and cleanliness, and courtesy and cheerfulness
To prevent blood from clotting the specimen must be: Collected in a tube containing an anticoagulant0 inverted right after collection
An elevated bilirubin might indicate a disorder of the: liver
The healthcare setting in which most phlebotomists are employeed is: hospital
The direct antiglobulin test is performed in the: blood bank
A phlebotomist who is teaching memberes of the nursing service how to correctly perform phlebotomy is participating in: cross training
A blood culture to evaluate septicemia is performed in: microbiology
Another name for the blood bank is: immunohematology
A phlebotomist who is authorized to place the initials PBT after his/her name has been: certified
Types of specimens collected for urinalysis include all of the following except: isolation
the department of the hospital that specializes in diagnostic x-rays is: radiology
the lab emplyee with a 2 year associate degree who performs clinical testing is the: Med lab tech
The routine urinalysis constists of the following: microscopic, physical, and reagent strip testing
The two major areas of the clinical laboratory are: anatomical and clinical
A patient calls the lab to schedule an appointment for a chest x-ray. The phlebotomist should: give the caller radiology's number and tranfer the call
Phlebotomists should observe radiation precautions in all of the following departments: diagnostic, nuclear medicine, radiation therapy
DRG's used to determine the type and amount of hospital care a patient should recieve: TRUE
The department of the hospital that is the consultant on drug therapy: pharmacy
An agency that assures quality care by hospitals is the: JCHO
Specimens collected in serum separator tubes are most frequently delivered to: chemistry
The lab department responsible for frozen sections is: histology
The specialist in the study of disease of tissues and organs through biopsies is a: pathologist
Match these: Lipemic, Hemolyzed, Icteric cloudy, red, yellow
A phlebotomist working in a lab that has decentralized the phlebotomy department may be required to: Work primarily on a patient care floor, preform POC testing
A med tech may serve as: educator, section supervisor, lab manager.... NOT pathologist
The hospital dept that performs computerized axial tomography is: radiology
Each of the followign is a component of the CBC: Diff, WBC, HG.... NOT sed rate
A lab that performs highly specialized lab testing is a: reference lab
A VDRL test is performed in: serology
The difference between plasma and serum is that: plasma contains fibrinogen
The goal of patient focused care is to: increase the effeciency of personnel
All of the following are components of communication: listening skills, verbal skills, body language
When communicating with a hearing impaired patient it is important to: Look directly at the patient
The most important characteristic to ensure job security and advancement in phlebotomy is: flexibility
The specimen collected by a phlebotomist is: blood
The main anticoag for coag studies is: sodium citrate
Increased employment of phlebotomist in home health care can be attributed to: DRG's
Duties of a phlebotomist inlcude: interacting with hospital personnel, processing specimens, transporting specimens ..........NOT transporting patients
Phlebotomy is defined as: an incision into a vein
Which of the following tests should be returned to the lab first to ensure accurate results: prothrombin time
parasitology is located in which lab section? microbiology
The phlebotomist asked a nurse to identify a patient without a wrist ID band. The nurse said she didn't have time. The next person in the chain of command the phlebotomist should report to is the: phlebotomy supervisor
In a typical lab organizational chart the person above the supervisor is: lab manager
the dept of the hopital that treats breathing disorders: respiratory therapy
The healthcare professional who provides rehabilitating activities for patients with physical and mental disabilities: occupational therapist
Name the hospital dept that uses radionucleotides in diagnosing and treating disease: Nuclear meds
When answering the phone you should state: name and dept name
A phlebotomist who encourages patients to express their concerns is: exhibiting good listening skills
All of the following organizations provide phlebotomist cert.: ASPT, NCA, ASCP.... NOT JCAHO
The primary liaison between the med staff and the lab staff is the: pathologist
A serum separator tube should not be collected for: crossmatch
The lab employee with a 4 yr degree who performs clinical analysis is the: MT
The PTT test is performed in: coag
A phlebotomist who takes an exam offered by a professional phlebotomy organization is seeking: certification
Pap smears are analyzed by: cytologists
The histology department is included in: anatomic pathology
A phlebotomist who does not make eye contact with the patient is: using negative body language
In the hospital setting the clinical lab is part of: professional services
ABO and Rh typing are performed in which lab section: blood bank
the physical therapy dept specializes in: treating with water,heat and exercise
A cardiac risk profile is performed in: chemistry
Before placing a call on hold a phlebotomist should: check to see if it is an emergency
mco managed care org
TAT turn around time
barriers things that impede
CLIA 88 clinical lab imp aman
CPT current pucedual terminology
DRG diagnostic related groups
entitlement ss or wcomp or medicare
exsanguinate loss of too much blood life can not be sustained
gatekeeper primary care doctor
HCPCS common procedure coding sys
kinesic slip non verbal message do not match verbal message
kinesic study of body motion
proxemics study of space
PPS prospective payment sys
PPO preferred provider org-discount services
secondary care inpatient services
CAP college for american pathologist
delta check compareing present test with past test on the same pataint
QA indicators monitors all aspects of patient care
NAACLS nationalacredidationagency for clinical lab sciences
vicarious liability comp lible for injuryies caused by ind contractor
respondeat superior comp must answer for damagers caused by there employees
threshold values acceptable level for q. assurence indicator
user manual contains specimen collection infow
mostt common chemistry speciment? serum
preanalytical pretesting
analytical testing
post analytical after testing
The transverse plane divides the body horizontally into upper and lower portions
Proximal is defined as closest to the middle
The process by which the body maintains a state of equilibrium is Homeostasis
Which part of a cell contains the chromosomes or genetic material Nucleus
What type of muscle lines hte walls of blood vessels? visceral
Which of the following is an acessory organ of the digestive system liver
Evaluation of the endocrine system invovles hormone determinations
The spinal cord and brain are covered by protective membranes called papillae
Which statement is not true?Sebaceous glands are part of the endoc system
Most gas exchange between tissue and tisur takes place in the Venules
Created by: amoodywife
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