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A&P2 Test 4 Listing

Mrs Fletcher Test 4 Weatherford College

Structures, in order, that sperm must travel through to get from the semineferous tubules to the egg. rete testes --> epididymis--> vas deferns -->ejaculatory duct --> urethra --> vagina --> cervix --> uterus --> uterine tubes
glands of the make that add to the alkalinity of semen seminal vesicle, prostate, bulbouretheal gland
structures found within the sprematic cord vas deferens, blood vessels, nerves
components of semen prostaglandins, fructose, sperm, protein
target cells of testosterone peritubular myoid cells and sertoli cells
secondary sex characteristics of males increase in the growth of body hair, occasionally, male pattern baldness occurs, enlargement of the larynx, thickening of the skin, increase in muscular growth, thickening and strengthening of the bones
secondary sex characteristics of females enlargement of breasts, uterus and vagina, narrowing of shoulders, broadening of the hips, less body and more scalp hair, growth of pubic and axillary hair
ligaments associated with the female reproductive system Broad ligament: anchors ovaries, attaches uterine duct to the uterus; ovarian ligament: attaches ovaries to uterus; suspensory ligament: suspends the ovaries
layers of the uterine wall endometrium: innermost layer; myometrium: middle layer; perimetrium: outermost layer
layers of the vaginal wall innermost: mucous layer; middle layer: muscular layer; outermost layer: fibrous layer
glands involved in regulating the reproductive system hypothalamus, anterior pituatary gland,
Created by: DevilDoc