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A&P2 Test 4 Vocab

Mrs Fletcher Test 4 Weatherford College

Acrosome Aids the sperm in penetrating the egg
Androgens male sex hormones
Areolar pigmented region surrounding the nipple of the mammary gland or breast
Cervix lower 1/3rd of the uterus; portion of the uterus that extends into the vagina
Circumcision removal of, at least a portion, of the foreskin
Clitoris analogous to the male penis
Corpus Albicans "White Body", formed if the egg is not fertilized after the corpus luteum is reabsorbed
Corpus Cavernosum erectile tissue; found in the clitoirs and penis
Corpus hemorrhagicum blood filled space on ruptured follicle
Corpus luteum temporary gland that releases progesterone and causes the endometrium to have greater vascularization and increases the glandular activity of the endometrium
Corpus Sponginosum erectile tissue, forms the head of the penis
Cryptorchidism failure for teste to descend into the scrotum causing infertility due to increased tempurature.
Dartos Muscle smooth muscle located within the scrotum, involved in tempurature regulation
egg female gamete
ejaculatory duct last structure sperm travels through before it reaches the urethra
emission the movement of sperm cells fromthe vas deferens into the ejaculatory duct and urethra
endometrium innermost layer of the uterus
epididymis tightly coiled tube around the teste that gives rise to the vas deferens
foreskin also calles the prepuce
fallopian tubes called uterine tubes or oviducts, where egg fertilization occurs.
fundus upper 2/3rd's of the uterus, also called the body
Glans Penis the "head of the penis"; formed by corpus sponginosum
gubernaculum the fibromuscular cord that is attached to the testes on one end and the scrotal sac on the other. aids in the descent of the testicles.
inguinal canal hole in which testicles pass through as they descend, should close tightly around the spermatic cord AFTER descent
mediastinum testes a tissue mass extending into the testes from the tunica albuginea
Menarche the first menstrual period
Polar Body Cell that contains "junk", no cytoplasmic material
prepuce foreskin
pudenal cleft seperates the left and right labium, on the anterior end, form the mons pubis; posteriorly, fuse to form the perineum
rete testes inside the mediastinum, all semineferous tubules fuse to form channels called the rete testes.
semen fluid containing sperm cells and other secretions discharged from the male reproductive tract at ejaculation
vestibule space located within the labia minora
Created by: DevilDoc