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Reproductive System

Undifferentiated spermatogenic cells are called spermatogonia
The hormone responsible for the development and maintenance of male secondary sexual characteristic is testosterone
The female structure that corresponds to the male penis is the clitoris
The hormone mainly responsible for the development and maintenance of female secondary sexual characteristics is estrogen
The tubular portion of the uterus that extends downward into the upper part of the vagina is the cervix
Meiosis occurs during both spermatogenesis and oogenesis
The cells in the testis that produce male sex hormones are called interstitial cells
In spermatogenesis, meiosis results in the formation of four sperm cells with 23 chromosomes each
In the female reproductive cycle, menstrual flow occurs when the concentrations of estrogen and progesterone are low
The tightly coiled tube that leads to the vas deference is the epididymis
Androgens are male sex hormone
The endometrium is the inner lining of the uterus
The movement of the egg cell down the uterine tube is aided by both ciliary action and peristalitc contractions
The primary sex organs of the male reproductive system are the testes
Sperm cells are produced by the germinal epithelial cells that line the epithelium
As a group, the structures of the female reproductive system that surround the openings to the urethra and vagina comprise the vulva
Following ovulation, the follicular cells of the ovary enlarge to form a structure called corpus luteum
The hormone that stimulates female breast development is estrogen
In the testes, male sex hormones are produced by the ________ cells interstital cells
The female's _____ glands secrete milk. mammary
The tail of a sperm cell is a flagellum
_____ is the process by which egg cells are formed. oogenesis
The culmination of sexual stimulation, which is accompanied by a sense of physiological and psychological release, is called orgasm
surrounds urethra prostate gland
supplies energy source for sperm cells vas deferens
erectile tissue corpora cavernosa
passes through inguinal canal seminal vesicle
contains testes scrotum
corresponds to the scrotum labia majora
partially covers vaginal opening hymen
sustains life of embryo uterus
a serous covering perimetrium
expanded end of uterine tube infundibulum
secreted by corpus lutem progesterone
an androgen testosterone
secreted by anterior pituitary gland gonadotropin
maintains female sex characteristics estrogen
disintegrating uterine lining menstrual flow
What can be fertilized to produce a zygote secondary oocyte
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