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Test 5

Medical Terminology

The inability to control the urinary bladder: urinary incontinence
Returning water, electrolytes and nutrients to the bloodstream: reabsorption
The ability to empty the urinary bladder: urinary retention
Renal calculi: nepholithiasis
Inflammation of the glans penis: balanitis
A penile lesion associated with primary syphilis: chancre
The absence of one or both testicles: anorchism
A tightness of the foreskin of the penis: phimosis
Surgical removal of the prostate gland by inserting a resectoscope through the urethra and into the bladder: prostatitis
The surgical removal of testicle: orchiectomy
Uterine tissue in an abnormal location: endometriosis
Giving birth for the first time: primipara
Premature separation of a normally implanted placenta: placenta previa
Most severe form of pregnancy-induced hypertension: eclampsia
Striae gravidarium stretch marks
cholasma pregnancy mask
linea nigra dark vertical midline
Chdwick's sign bluish-violet cervix and vagina
amniotic sac fetal membranes
seminiferous tubule produces sperm
Testicle contains sperm producing tubules
Created by: linhnpham