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History SOL 3

Age of Enlightenment & the Industrial Revolution

What is centralized power/govt.? a govt. in which power is concentrated in a central authority to which local govt.s are subject
What is divine right? the idea that monarchs are God's representatives on earth and are therefore answerable only to God.
Who was Louis XIV, what was his palace called, and what was his "nickname"? King of France; Versailles; Sun King
Who was Fredrick the Great, when did he rule, and why was he so "great"? Ruler of Prussia; military
Who was Peter the Great, when did he rule, and what did he do? Leader of Russia; 1689; controlled nobles (beard tax), westernization, built winter palace at St. Petersburg
What King was executed during the English Civil war, and who took over for him? Charles I; Oliver Cromwell
Who ruled next, and why? Charles II; English people were sick of military rule
Then who took power? Why didn't the people like him? James I; tried to restore Catholicism
What was the glorious revolution? The bloodless overthrow of English king James II and his replacement by William and Mary
What is a constitutional monarchy? a system of governing in which the ruler's power is limited by law.
What were four important points in the English Bill of Rights? 1. No suspending of Parliament's laws 2. No levying of taxes without a specific grant from Parliament 3. No interfering with freedom of speech in Parliament 4. No penalty for a citizen who petitions the king about grievances
What were four important points in the Petition of Right? The king/ruler cannot: 1. imprison subjects without due cause 2. levy taxes without Parliament's consent 3. house soldiers in private homes 4. impose martial law in peacetime
Who were the Whigs? People who did not support King James I
Who were the Tories? People who supported King James I
Who was Hobbes and what did he believe? Enlightenment thinker; believed that state has central authority to manage behavior
What did Locke believe? people are sovereign; monarchs are not chosen by God
What did Montesquieu believe? Separation of power (checks & balances)
What did Voltaire believe? Separation of church and state; religious toleration
What did Rousseau believe? Govt. is a contract between rulers and people
What influence did the Enlightenment have on the world? (3 things) 1. Fueled revolution in America and France 2. Jefferson's Declaration of Independence incorporated Enlightenment ideas 3. Constitution and Bill of Rights used these ideas as well
When did the French Revolution occur? 1789
What were causes of the French Revolution? 1. American Revolution 2. Enlightenment 3. Third Estate representatives locked out of Assembly; French people unhappy
What happened on Bastille Day? A mob searching 4 gunpowder & arms stormed the Bastille, a Paris prison. The mob seized control of the building. The angry attackers hacked the prison commander & several guards to death, & then paraded around the streets w/ the dead men's heads on pikes
Who was Maximilien Robespierre? Jacobin leader during the "reign of terror"
What was the reign of terror? the period, from mid-1793 to mid-1794, when Maximilien Robespierre ruled France nearly as a dictator and thousands of political figures and ordinary citizens were executed
What were 2 outcomes of the French revolution? 1. End of absolute monarch, Louis XVI beheaded 2. Rise of Napoleon
Who was Napoleon and what did he do? French leader after revolution; ruled from 1799-1815, unsuccessful attempt to unify Europe, Napoleonic code, growth of Nationalism
What were some other revolutions that occurred during this time period, and who were their leaders? Independence for French, Spanish, & Portuguese colonies; Haiti (Toussaint L'Ouverture); South America (Simon Bolivar)
What was accomplished at the Congress of Vienna in 1815? (4 things) 1. Balance of power 2. Restoration of monarchies 3. Liberalism/Conservationalism 4. New map of Europe
Who were Johann Sebastian Bach and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart? composers, popular in enlightenment era
Who was Eugene Delacroix? painter, popular in enlightenment era
What philosopher was popular in the enlightenment era? Voltaire
What author/book was popular in the enlightenment era? Miguel de Cervantes- Don Quixote
What were some fundamentals of enlightenment arts? (4 things) 1. Classical subjects 2. Natural scenes 3. Portraits 4. Public events
Created by: ckelahan
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