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History SOL 2

Age of Discovery

What were 2 things that explorers were searching for? Gold, spices
Who were 2 explorers for Portugal that explored India in 1497? Prince Henry the Navigator, Vasco Da Gama
Who were the King and Queen of Spain? Ferdinand and Isabella
Who were 2 famous explorers for Spain? What did they explore and when? Columbus (1492- new world) Magellan (1519- circumnavigated globe)
What were the "3 G's" that motivated explorers? Glory, Gold, God
Who were the conquistadors? The Spanish soldiers, explorers, and fortune hunters who took part in the conquest of the Americas in the 16th century.
Which conquistador conquered the Aztecs? Cortes
Which conquistador conquered the Inca? Pizarro
Where was Sir Francis Drake from and what did he do? England; 2nd to circumnavigate globe
Where was Jacques Cartier from and what did he do? France; colonized part of modern-day Canada
What were the effects of Europeans in the new world? 1. Slavery based on race 2. Spread religion 3. Ended indigenous lifestyles/economics 4. Rigid class system 5. Imitated mother country
How did the new world change Europe? 1. Migration of colonists 2. Expanded power
What was the middle passage? It was the voyage that brought captured Africans to the West Indies, and later to North and South America, to be sold as slaves- so called because it was considered the middle leg of the triangular trade.
What were 3 goods that were transported to Europe through the triangular trade? corn, potatoes, tobacco
What were 2 goods that were transported to the Americas through the triangular trade? horses and cattle
What disease from Europe devastated the Americas? Smallpox
Why did this lead to slavery? When the labor force was killed off by smallpox, those in charge had to look elsewhere for laborers.
What was the triangular trade? the transatlantic trading network along which slaves, sugar, rum, and other goods were carried between Africa, England, Europe, the West Indies, and the colonies in the Americas.
Where was Judaism concentrated during this time period? Europe & Middle East
Where was Islam concentrated during this time period? Europe & Middle East
Where was Hinduism concentrated during this time period? India & SE Asia
Where was Buddhism concentrated during this time period? East and SE Asia
Where was Christianity concentrated during this time period? Europe & Middle East
What lands constituted the Ottoman Empire, what was its major religion and what were its exports? Asia Minor, Balkans, N. Africa, Constantinople/Istanbul; Islam; coffee, ceramics
Where was the Mughal Empire, what was it's major religion, and what was the famous tomb built for one of its emperors' wives? N. India; Islam; Taj Mahal
Who built the Taj Mahal, and who did they build it for? Shah Jahan (a Mughal emperor) built it for his wife, Mumtaz Mahal.
What were China's main exports, and who was their trade/economy controlled by? Tea, porcelain; foreigners
What was the leader of Japan called (the real leader, not the figurehead), and what was Japan's policy on trade? Shogun (military leader); isolationism
What was Mercantilism? an economic policy under which nations sought to increase their wealth and power by obtaining large amounts of gold and silver and by selling more goods than they bought.
What was the purpose of colonies? To benefit the mother country, so that the mother country could be self-sufficient.
What was the Commercial Revolution? the expansion of trade and business that transformed European economies during the 16th and 17th centuries.
Created by: ckelahan
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