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History SOL

World Around 1500

Where was Judaism Concentrated (around 1500), was it Monotheistic or Polytheistic, what were some of its fundamental rules, and what was it's holy book? Concentrated in Europe, Middle East, and N. America; Monotheistic; 10 commandments; Torah
Where was Christianity Concentrated (around 1500), as it Monotheistic or Polytheistic, who was it's founder, and what were two ways it differed from Judaism Concentrated in Europe, Middle East, and N. and S. America; Monotheistic; Jesus; Heaven and New Testament
Where was Islam Concentrated (around 1500), as it Monotheistic or Polytheistic, who was it's founder, What were its fundamental beliefs, what were its 2 holy cities, and what is its holy book? Concentrated in parts of Asia, southern Europe, and Africa; Monotheistic; Muhammad; 5 pillars; Mecca & Medina; Koran
Where was Hinduism Concentrated (around 1500), was it Monotheistic or Polytheistic, what social system did it enforce, and what were some of its fundamentals? Concentrated in India and parts of S.E. Asia; Many forms of 1 deity; caste system; reincarnation & karma
Where was Buddhism Concentrated (around 1500), who was its founder, and what were some of its fundamental ideas? Concentrated in E. and S.E. Asia; Siddhartha Gautama; 4 noble truths and the 8fold path to enlightenment
What was the Silk Road? A system of ancient caravan routes across Central Asia, along which traders carried silk and other trade goods.
What were some of the goods/ideas that were exchanged in trade (around 1500)? Paper, compass, silk, porcelain (China), textiles, numeral system, astronomy, math
What were the trading partners, trade goods, and modes of transport for the Trans-Sahara trade network? Trading partners: N. Africa, W. Africa; Trade Goods: Cloth, salt, horses, guns, gold, dyed cloth, leather goods, slaves; Motes of Transport: Camel Caravans
What were the conflicts with the Church of Rome? 1. German & English nobility disliked Italian dominance 2. Church corruption and sale of Indulgences 3. Church had all political power
Who was Martin Luther and what did he do? Also, what did he believe that contradicted the Church? He was monk that, in 1517, posted the "95 theses" (formal statements attacking pardon-merchants on the door of castle church in Wittenberg). They were copied and distributed, and thus began the Reformation. Salvation by faith alone, bible final authority
Who was John Calvin and what did he do? He followed Luther and preached Predestination, Protestant work ethic (Calvinism)
Who was Henry VIII and what did he do? King of England; Established the Church of England when he dismissed the authority of the Pope; Made Protestantism/Anglicanism official religion, just to get annulment/divorce (wanted a son); became head of natl. church
What was the ref. like in Germany? N. Princes became protestant; Protestant vs. Catholic wars (30 yrs war)
What was the ref. like in England? Under Elizabeth I (Daughter of Henry VIII), Anglicanism is religion
What was the ref. like in France? Huguenots (french Calvinists) were finally granted freedom under the Edict of Nantes; Richelieu changed focus of 30 yrs war from religious to political
What was involved in the Catholic Counter ref.? 1. Church tried to reform itself 2. Jesuits spread Catholicism 3. Inquisition created to root out heretics
What were 3 new philosophies of the ref.? 1. Secularism (sep. of Church and state) 2. individualism 3. Religious toleration
What was a new invention of the ref.? Who invented it? How did it affect society? 1. Printing press 2. Gutenberg 3. Stimulated literacy (Bible printed in English, French, & German)
What was the Renaissance and when did it happen? rebirth of knowledge; 1400s
Who held much of the power in Italy? The medicis- merchants/bankers
What was humanism? The study of classical culture and worldly subjects rather than religion.
Who were 2 famous artists of the Renaissance? Da Vinci, Michelangelo
Who was the famous Christian humanist that wrote "The Praise of Folly"? Desiderius Erasmus (Holland)
Who wrote Don Quixote? Cervantes
Who came up with the Heliocentric theory? Nicolaus Copernicus
Who studied planetary motion and discovered elliptical orbits? Johannes Kepler
Who created the telescope to support the heliocentric theory? Galileo Galilei
Who wrote the laws of gravity? Isaac Newton
Who studied the circulation of blood? William Harvey
What is the scientific method? a logical procedure for gathering information about the natural world, in which experimentation and observation are used to test hypotheses
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