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SBGR Office Admin

SBGR MA 180 Week 3 Pearson's (2012 EK)

UCR Usual, customary, and reasonable
copayment predetermined amount of money the pt must pay for services. Usually a flat dollar amount.
Truth in Lending Act Information provided to the pt when there are more than 4 payments arranged to be paid to the office.
bad debt amount of accounts receivable that is considered not collectable
superbill record of services and is used for billing and insurance processing
encounter form see the definition for superbill
charge slip see the definition for superbill
ledger card used to record charges, adjustments, payments and current balance for the patient
subscriber person who holds the insurance
accounts payable money that is owed to vendors, suppliers, etc.
payer the person or company writing the check
payee the person or company receiving the check
magnetic ink character recognition MICR: numbers printed at the bottom of a check
stale check a check that is outstanding after a certain time frame, usually 90 to 180 days
non-sufficient funds the payer's bank account does not have enough money to cover the amount of the check written
cashier's check guarantees payment because it is written on a check drafted by a bank
certified check guaranteed check because the bank has set aside money from the payer's account to cover the transaction
stop-payment order the payer requests the bank not honor the check
deposits money placed into a bank account
embezzlement unauthorized taking of funds. A form of stealing
debits charges against an account
credits additions to an account
reconciliation balancing the checkbook by using information from the bank
gross annual wage the amount of wages before taxes
tax withholding money held from a paycheck to cover taxes such as income tax.
audit reexamination of all the financial statements to determine accuracy
Created by: SBGrandRapids