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care of geri/ped voc

care of geriatric/pediatric pt's vocabulary

alzheimer's disease degenerative disease of the cns characterized by premature senile mental deterioration
aging process of growing old
term a baby born at 38 or more gestational weeks
antrophy wasting;a decrease in size of an organ/tissue
anxiety abnormal/overwhelming apprehension/fear about upcoming events
defense mechanisms habitual behaviors/patterns of behavior that allow people to avoid experiencing anxiety or physiological threat
coping attempt to deal w/unpleasant, uncomfortable, unknown,stressful or anxiety-producing situations
analegsia absence of normal sense of pain
premature baby born before 38 wks of gestation regardless of birth weight
bias prejudice;unreasonable distortion of judgment
mourning expressing grief/sorrow for a person's death, especially wearing black clothing, armband as outward expressions
death permanent cessation of all vital functions; loss of brain stem/spinal reflexes w/flat encephalogram over 24 hrs
anastomosis union of parts so as to intercommunicate
culture customary beliefs/traits of a racial,religious or social group
APGAR assessment scoring system for newborns
terminal pertaining to the end
grief emotion of sorrow,sadness or anguish usually related to the death/loss of someone/something that was much loved,respected/highly regarded
skin turgor resistance of the skin to deformation
depression psychological disorder marked by feelings of sadness & hopelessness, inactivity, difficulty in thinking/concentrating, increase/decrease in normal eating/sleeping patterns & sometimes suicidal tendencies
libido sexual drive, conscious or unconscious
fetal death death of a fetus after 20 wks of gestation & before delivery, regardless of gestational age, w/no signs of life following birth
needs physiological/psychological requirements for the well-being of an organism
stenosis narrowing/constriction of a passage/orfice
pediatrics branch of medicine dealing w/the development,care & diseases of children
prognosis projection of the course & end of a disease, and the estimate of chance of recovery
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