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SBGR Surgery

SBGR MA 140 Week 4

incubation period of time for symptoms of a disease to show
systemic throughout entire system
aerobes microorganisms living in oxygen
surgical asepsis absence of all living pathogenic organisms
anesthesia loss of sensation
incision a surgical cut
biopsy removing tissue for diagnostic examination
nosocomial infection hosptial acquired infection
opportunistic microorganism that takes advantage of proper conditions
antiseptic substance that kills microorganisms
contamination a condition of being soiled
disease pathologic process having a descriptive set of signs and symptoms
disinfection destruction of pathogens by physical or chemical means
infection invasion of body tissue by mircoorganisms that proliferate and damage tissue
sanitization cleaning
pathogens disease-causing microorganisms
spores thick-walled dormant forms of bacteria resistant to disinfection
sterilization complete destruction of all forms of microbial life
microorganisms living organisms that can only be seen with a microscope
CLIA clinical laboratory improvement admendments
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