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SBGR Surgical

SBGR MA 140 Week 3

abscess localized collection of pus that causes tissue damage
cannula rigid tube that is inserted into the body for fluid removal
curettage scraping a body cavity
dilatation opening or widening the circumference of an orifice
dissect to cut or separate tissue
fascia fibrous band of tissue that covers muscles and organs
fistula abnormal tubelike passage between internal organs or to outside of body
lumen open space
obturator metal rod with a smooth rounded tip that is placed into hollow instrument to decrease injury to body tissue during insertion
patency open condition of a body cavity or canal
polyps tumors with stems
stylus metal probe
surgery branch of medicine concerned with disease and trauma requiring operative procedures
sutures to stitch together
wound physical injury
informed consent permission obtained from a patient to perform a specific invasive test or procedure
lidocaine local anesthetic agent
xylocaine local anesthetic agent
epinephrine increases the effectivness of local anesthetics
Surgeon physician who specializes in injuries, deformities and diseases by operative methods
Created by: SBGrandRapids