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SBGR Infection

SBGR MA 140 Week 1

bacteriostasis stopping growth of bacteria
epidemiology study of health related states and events occuring in populations
etiology the science and study of the cause of disease
microbiology science of microorganism
staphylococci irregular clusters of spherical bacteria
streptococci spherical bacteria in chains
aerobic microorganisms that live in oxygen
immunity status of being free from infection
systemic throughout the entire system
surgical asepsis absence of all living pathogenic organisms
anaerobic microorganisms that live without oxygen
antibiotic medication used to treat infection
a- no, not without
an- no, not, without
anti- against
bacteri/o single cell organisms
cocc/o spherical, round
micro- small
-ology science and study of
-stasis stopping, controlling
Created by: SBGrandRapids