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SBGR Repro

SBGR ALH 175 Reproductive (2012 LS)

Spermatozoa Male gametes
Interstitial cells Primary production site of testosterone
Benign prostatic hypertrophy Enlargement of the prostate gland
Prostate cancer Malignancy of the prostate gland
Ovaries Small, lumpy, almond-shaped organs near the lateral wall of the pelvic cavity
Basal body temperature Resting body temperature measured upon wakening in the morning
Fibrocystic disease Cluster of cysts
Human papillomavirus Cause about 75% of cervical cancer
Vasectomy Ductus deferns is cut and removed or silicone plugs are inserted
Tubal ligation Surgical procedure to block uterine tubes
Inhibin Adjusts the rate of spermatogenesis
Prostatectomy Surgical removal of prostate gland
Mesovarium A thickened fold of mesentery
Oogenesis Ovum production
Lactation Milk production
Corpus luteum Secretes progesterone and estrogen
Uterus Muscular hollow organ
Menopause Termination of the uterine cycle
Menarche First menstrual cycle
Depo Provera
Created by: SBGrandRapids