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SBGR MedTrak

SBGR ALH 150 MEDTRAK Wk 4 (2012 EK)

Out the door when the doctor is done with the patient and the patient can be discharged
occupational health reason when the patient has visited for an occupational health/work-related visit the charges are sent to the employer or the employer's workers' compensation insurance
personal reason when the patient visits the facility because of a NON work-related injury or illness
co-payment flat dollar amount paid by the patient at each visit
co-insurance patient portion paid that is a percentage (%) of the charges
global billing period period of time for surgical procedures when the patients visit is included in the total cost of the surgery
incomplete visits results of the patient's tests are pending
results pending used to state that the testing is done by another department or provider and the results need to be waited for
billable items converting the clinical activities into information into data in order to bill for services
super bill a paper document that lists various services and diagnoses that may be provided or serviced at the facility
billing coders staff members that convert the clinical information into numbers using ICD-9 and/or CPT codes
rate tables tables that show what the charges are for a particular service
line item charge one billable item listed on one line of the billing form
billing editors staff members that review the billing information to determine if the line item charges are reasonable and complete
further review needed when the billing editors request further information of the physician so that they can complete the review
completed visits visits that have had all further review done
needs authorization when a visit needs to be authorized before it can be billed out
demographics need review the name and address of the patient or the employer need to be reviewed before the charges can be posted
provider notes are incomplete provider notes are ready to be reviewed before releasing the charges
charges available for review charges are ready for posting to an invoice
unbilled dashboard area of the MedTrak system that is accessed in order to see charges for patient visits that are ready for posting to an invoice
commercial insurance a specific class of insurance
CMS1500 a form used to bill physician charges
post charges an activity using the billing system that puts charges on an invoice
invoice frequently referred to as a bill. This may be a CMS 1500
Created by: SBGrandRapids