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CPCU 520-02

Chapter 2

National Assoc. of Ins. Commissioners (NAIC) An association consisting of ins. com. of each state to coordinate reg. activities amount verioius ins. depts.
Model Law a draft bill - the suggested wording of new law - for consideration by state legislatures. Any state many choose to adopt the model bill or adopt it with modifications.
Model Regulation a draft regulation that may be implemented by a state ins. dept. if the model law is passed.
Domestic Insurer an insurer doing business in its home state
Foreign Insurer a US insurer doing business in a state that is not its home state
Alien Insurer an insurer domiciled outside of the U.S.
Surplus Lines Laws State laws that permit producers with a serplus lines license to write biz for an non-admitted insurer when protection from admitted insurers is not avail.
Guarantee Funds state estab. funs providing for pymnt of unpaid claims of insolvent insurers lic. in that state.
Mandatory Rate Law State law uner which ins. rates are set by state agency and all lic. insr. req. to use those rates.
Prior Approval Law ins. rates must be approved by state ins. dept. before they can be used.
File and Use Law ubs, rates must be filed with state ins. dept. but can then be used immediately.
Use and File Law ins. rated can be put into effect with filing info subsequently submitted and subject to reg. review.
Flex Rating Law prior approval is req. only if new rates exceed a certain percentage above the rates prev. filed.
Open Competition System rates do not have to be filed with the state ins. dept.
Unfair Trade Practices Acts state laws prohib. ins. from using unfair methods of competition and engaging in unfacir acts or practices as defined in the acts.
Advisory Organizations ins. orgs that work with and on behalf of ins. that purchase or subscribe to their services.
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