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voc chapter 11

HPI history of present illness
GI gastrointestinal
UTI urinary tract infection
UA urinalysis
SG specific gravity
ARF acute renal failure
IVP intravenous pyelogram
KUB x-ray of kidneys, ureters, bladder
VS vital sign
IV intravenous
incision for removal of a stone Nephrolithotomy
Specialist in disorders of the urinary system Urologist
Medical specialty of diseases of the kidneys Nephrology
Crushing stone by sound waves Lithotripsy
Difficulty or pain with urination Dysuria
Pertaining to the kidney Renal
Surgical removal of a kidney Nephrectomy
Inflammation of the kidney Nephritis
Absence of urine Anuria
Presence of glucose in urine Glycosuria
Hematuria Blood in urine
Oliguria scanty production of urine
Proteinuria presence of protein in urine
Incontinence Inability to hold your bladder
Cystitis Inflammation of the bladder
Nephroscope endoscope to view inside of kidney
Nephrolithiasis Presence of a kidney stone
Polycystic Composed of many cysts
Void To evacuate urine or feces
Micturition Act of passing urine
Dys Bad, difficult
Inter Between
Re Back
Extra Outside
Peri Around
Semi Half
Ab Away from
An Lack of
Olig scanty
Trans Across or through
Ectomy Surgical excision
Logy Study of
Logist One who studies
Al Pertaining to
Itis Inflammation
Osis Condition
Tripsy crushing
Iasis Condition
Tomy Incision
Scopy To view or examine
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