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Bio 104 Chapt 3

Skeletal Tissue

important connective tissues that work with bones to provide the support framework of the skeleton. Cartilage, Tendons, and Ligaments
Plates of shiny connective tissue that are surrounded by the perichondrium and lubricated by synovial fluid to provide a slippery surface over which bones may move freely. Cartilage
Transparent viscous joint fluid that is secreted by the synovial membrane. Synovial fluid
A double-layered connective tissue membrane that surrounds the cartilage. Perichondrium.
Specialized tough cords or bands of dense white connective tissue that Connects muscles to bones.Continuous with the periosteum of the bone. Tendons.
Double-layer membrane that covers all bones except the articular surfaces. Periosteum.
Composed of densely packed fibers of collagen. Tendons.
A twisted, rope-like protein. Collagen
Tough white bands of tissue,Bind bones together,Composed of collagen. Ligaments
Points where two or more bones come together Joints
Caused by the stretching or tearing of a supporting ligament, due to the partial or temporary dislocation of the bone end. Sprain
Occurs when a muscle is stretched or torn, resulting in pain, swelling, and bruising of the surrounding soft tissues. Strain
Specialized form of connective tissue,Protect internal organs,Help enable movement,Storage site for minerals, particularly calcium.Have a role in the formation of blood cells and platelets. Bones
What Consist of collagen and the mineral hydroxyapatite? Bones
A compound that contains calcium and phosphate Hydroxyapatite
The ____________ fibers in bone act like reinforcing rods in a concrete structure, lending flexible strength Collagen
Regulate bone remodeling, Regulate blood calcium levels Calcitonin and Parathormone hormones
Cells that produce bone tissue. Osteoblasts.
An osteoblast that becomes surrounded by bony matrix. Osteocyte.
Large, multinucleated cells that dissolve bone tissue Osteoclasts
Play a major role in:Bone remodeling,Removal of old bone,Deposition of new bone. Osteoclasts
Thin sheets or layers into which bone tissue is organized Lamellae
Minute cavities in the bone or cartilage containing osteocytes Lacunae
Minute canals in the bone structure that connect concentric sheets of lamella Canaliculi
Longer than they are wide and include most bones of the upper and lower extremitiesFemur, tibia, radius, ulna Long Bones
As broad as they are long and often are cube-shaped or round Short bones
Relatively thin and flattened bonesRibs, sternum, scapulae Flat bones
Bony rods oriented along the lines of stress to increase the weight-bearing capacity of the long bones Trabeculae
The formation of new bone on the surface of a bone Appositional growth
The growth of cartilage in the epiphyseal plate and its eventual replacement by bone Endochondral growth
Changes in the shape of bones as an individual grows due to the removal of old bone and the deposition of new bone by osteoclasts Bone remodeling
Top of the axial skeleton consisting of 28 bones Three anatomic groups of bones: Auditory ossicles,Cranium,Face. Skull
Joints where the bones come together in the skull.Sagittal suture,Coronal suture,Lambdoid suture. Sutures
Soft spots in the skull of a newborn and infant where the sutures of the skull have not yet grown together.They link the sutures. Fontanels
These bones function in hearing.Malleus,Incus,Stapes. Auditory Ossicles
Made up of eight bones that encase and protect the brain.Frontal bone,Parietal bones (2),Occipital bone,Foramen magnum,Sphenoid bone,Ethmoid bone,Temporal bones (2). Cranium
The 33 separate bones that make up the spinal cordSupport the weight of the bodyProtect the spinal cord Vertebrae
The five sections of the _______: Cervical,Thoracic,Lumbar,Sacrum,Coccyx. The Spine
A fluid-filled sac situated between a tendon and a bone that cushions and protects joints Bursa
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