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LSNHS FdSci Final

LSNHS Food Science Final Review

Chemical reactions are never reversible.True or False False
Taring is a procedure used to mass a substance.True or False True
Energy is the ability to do work.True or False True
Atoms consist of protons, neutrons, and electrons. True or False True
Most fats in the human diet are triglycerides. True or False True
The degree of saturation has a direct effect on a fat's phase at room temperature. True or False True
Gluten should be more developed in quick breads than in yeast breads. False
Freezing foods destroys most harmful microorganisms. False
Baking soda must react with a basic ingredient in order to be useful. False
Term used to describe when you return the original water to a food. Rehydrating
Drying a food by smoking it with chemical fumes is called _________ Sulfuring
Denaturing enzymes by placing food over boiling water is called: Steam blanching
Drying the surface of a food before sufficient inner moisture has been removed. Casehardening
Soaking food in a sulfur salt solution to delay enzymatic browing. Sulfiting
When should a balance be tared? Before it is used
In an experiment designed to compare different environmnets for growing yeast, the rate of yeast growth is the: procedure, dependent variable, independent variable or the conclusion. Dependent variable
A food's flavor would suffer MOST from a bland color, an unappealing texture, an odd color or all are equally damaging. All are equally damaging
Steam rising from a bowl of hot soup is considered a solution because it contains food molecules dissolved in gases, carries odor, contains volatile substance or is chemically different from both the chicken broth and water vapor. Contains food molecules dissolved in gases
One differenct between an element and a compound is that a(n) compound includes several elements, element is a pure substance; a compound is not, element contains more atoms than a compound or compound contains carbon. Compound includes several elements
Adding heat speed the rate of chemical reactions in food by: increasing the force and frequence of molecular collision, creating "hot spots" in sugars and fats, releasing the heat energy stored in food, or raising a food's specific heat. Increasing the force and frequency of molecular collision
The order in which foods pass through different parts of the digestive tract is: a. esophagus, stomach, small intestine, large intestineb. esophagus, stomach, pancreas, large intestine a.
In the large intestine water is recovered, fiber is broken down, some vitamins are created, all of the above all of the above
Supersaturated sugar solutions are possible because sugar is more soluble in a hotter solute, sugar caramelizes at high pH levels, or starches absorb water as a solution is heated. Sugar is more soluble in a hotter solute
A simple sugar's properties result from the type of plant that produced it, its ratio of amylose to amylopectin, how atoms are arranged in its molecules or the degree of crystallization. how atoms are arranged in its molecules
What components are part of every triglycerides? Fatty acids, hydroxyl groups and carboxyl groups
What should you suspect if you find a jar of home-canned sauerkraut with a lid that is not tightly closed and a chipped rim? The sauerkraut may be contaminated with C. botulinum
The BEST candidate for home freezing is:aged parmesan cheese, deviled eggs, fresh grape salad, or vanilla custard pie Aged parmesan cheese
Laboratory thermometers are marked in degrees Fahrenheit False
Liquid is the medium of heat transfer by radiation False
The reason for controlling variables is to isolate the factor being tested. True
Food science includes all aspects of producing and using foods True
To measure a liquid accurately, you may need to locate the meniscus. True
In conduction, heat is transferred by direct contact between hotter and cooler molecules. True
Freezing food destroys most harmful microorganisms. False
Digestion begins after you swallow food False
Digestion includes both mechanical and chemical actions True
Vitamins and minerals are not digested True
Most digestion occues in the large intestine False
Most fats in the human diet are triglycerides True
STeam provides some leavening in all baked items True
Baking soda is a more complex compound than baking powder False
Gluten should be more developed in quick breads than in yeast breads False
For best results, a food should have about one-fifth of its original water content after drying True
Frozen food keeps its quality indefinetly. False
A food scientist who studies tiny organisms that help produce food or cause spoilage a. biotechnology b. R & D Specialist c. Food Science d. Microbiologist Microbiologist
A food scientist who helps create, modify, and market food products. a. biotechnology b. R & D Specialist c. Food Science d. Microbiologist R & D Specialist
Improving food plants and animals using modern techniques of genetics a. biotechnology b. R & D Specialist c. Food Science d. Microbiologist biotechnology
The study of how foods are produced, processed, and used. a. biotechnology b. R & D Specialist c. Food Science d. Microbiologist food science
Someone with a degree in food science might be found working in a a. corn field b. magazine office c. health clinic d. all of the above d. all of the above
As a personal benefit, studying food science can help you a. choose a healthful way to prepare food b. evaluate nutritional claims made for a food c. discover an exciting career d. all of the above d. all of the above
Food sciene's impact on the environmnet can be seen in a. lower food prices b. more importing and exporting of foods c. a reduced need for chemical fertilizers d. none of the above c.
A practice that might be used in sustainable farming is a. enriching the soil with compost b. adding vitamins to chicken feed c. improving a fruit's appearance with a safe wax coating d. all of the above d.
Food sciene's impact on health and safety can be seen in a. the monitoring of food procesing methods b. directions for proper handling on food packages c. the discovery of a link between some foods and diseases d. all of the above d.
To slice food safely for an experiment a. hold the food in your hands b. use kitchen shears c. cut the food on the coutner d. use a cutting board d.
A height recorded as 8.2 cm. tells you that the a. measuring device was marked to millimeters b. measuring device was marked to centimeters c. height was exactly 8.2 centimeters d. measurement was accurate b.
On the Celsius scale, 0 degrees and 100 degrees represent a. the freezing point and the boiling point of water b. the freezing point and evaporation point of water d. the freezing point and a.
A final zero in a recorded measurement shows that the measurement is a. estimated b. exact c. not precise b.
In the scientific method a. a theory may lead to experimentation b. an experiment may disprove a theory c. a hypothesis may be revised many times d. all of the above d
The most suitable topic for a food science research project is a. why chocolate hardens when you add water b. how freezing affects food c. the history of food preparation in the armed services d. all are equally suitable A
On pH scale a. higher values indicate greater acidity b. lower values indicate greater acidity b.
The esophagus' MOST critical quality is its a. length b. toughness c. shape d. complexity B
Which lipid would be the best choice for someone who wants to cut down on saturated fats? lard, butter, soybean oil or palm kernel oil Soybean oil
In a yeast product, a. a high-gluten flour produces a superior product b. steam is a leavening agent c. salt tends to limit leavening action d. all of the above d. all of the above
Compared to double-acting baking powder, one disadvantage of single-acting baking powder is that it a. must be used with an acid b. can't be made at home c. may start ot leaven before the item is baked d. none of the above c.may start to leaven before the item is baked
Which of the following statements is NOT true of botulism bacteria? a. they can cause fatal illness b. They may be present in food before you open the container c. They are called the "the buffet germ" d. they are a special threat to infants c. they are called the buffet germ
One advantage of sun drying is that is a. takes only a few hours b. offers great control over environmnent factors c. is easy and inexpensive d. all of the above c. easy and inexpensive
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