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Sport Marketing Test

sports marketing state test review 09-10

4 P's of Marketing Mix Product, Price, Promotion, Place & (People)
Relationship between Event and Sponsor sales/promotion & money
Relationship between Sponsor and Fan product/services & money
Relationship between Fan and Event entertainment/merchandise & money
2 kinds of goods Tangible and Intangible
Service? performance for someone else
Marketing OF SPORTS marketing of sports property
Marketing THRU SPORTS Non-sports products to advertise
Demographics? Age, gender, religion, etc...
Psychographics? Interest and activities
Behavior? Based on rate of use
Geographics? State, county, city, region, area, climate
Two kinds of sports Organized and Unorganized
Two kinds of sports players Amatuer and Professional
6 goals of sponsorship Increase Sales, Increase Awareness, Be competative, Reach Target Market, Build Customer Relationships and Develop Image.
Arbitary Allocation? All you can afford
Competative Parity? Look at your competator and put in same amount
Objective & Task? Based on goals and reaching them
Percentage of Sales? number of sales you have
Sportscape? design of venue
Exclusivity? Only one for rights (Coca-cola at Olympics)
Title/Signiture? Delta Center, Staples Center, Energy Solutions Arena, etc...
Leveraging? Getting as much as possible from a sponsorship agreement
2 types of sponsorships and promotions primary sponsorship and co-promotions
R.O.I? Return on investment
P.S.L ticketing? personal seat license
Season ticketing? buy for a block of games/season
Group ticketing? discount rate for large group
Luxury box ticketing? perchased or leased by buisness or company
5 things of promotion mix advertising, personal selling, sales promotions, public relations, and sponsorship
Ad Schedule? when programs/promothions will run
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