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ANA 202 A&P

Study Material

Which term refers to a state of relative constancy of the internal environment of the body? homeostasis
What type of feedback loop causes a return to normal in the internal environment of the body? negative feedback loop
A chemical reaction that involves the removal of water from a molecule during a chemical reaction is called a(n) _______ reaction. dehydration
Which of the following phases of cell division represents the first phase of mitosis? prophase
Which type of epithelial cells line the human trachea? pseudostratified
Which of the following tissues are classified as connective tissue? fibrous tissue, areolar tissue, bone, blood
What is another name for smooth muscle? involuntary muscle
Other than providing a means for air to enter the lungs, what other functions do the nose, pharynx, trachea, and bronchi peform? humidify the air inspired, warm the inspired air, purify the inspired air
Which component of the skin contains a relatively large amount of fat? subcutaneous tissue
What is the name given to the hair of a newborn infant? lanugo
What is the name of a bony joint where an oval projection fits into an elliptical socket? condyloid joint
Which of the following structures are the distal articulations of the femur bone? patella and tibia
Which of the following structures is considered the basic building block of skeletal muscle? sarcomere
The bombardment by a series of about 30 stimuli per second evokes a certain type of skeletal muscle contraction called_______. tetanic contraction
Which of the following structures are components of the peripheral nervous system? cranial nerves, spinal nerves, somatic motor neurons
Which of the following neurotransmitters are classified as catecholamines? serotonin and norepinephrine
The lens of the eye lies directly behind which other ocular structure? pupil
Which structures in the middle ear are responsible for amplifying sound waves as they pass through that portion of the ear? auditory vesicles
Which of the follwoing physiological changes occurs with type 1 diabetes? less glucose leaves the blood to enter the cells
Hyposecretion of antidiuretic hormone causes which condition to occur? diabetes insipidus
How should the health care practitioner interpret a hematocrit of 45% for an adult male? normal
While reading a patient's chart, the health car practitioner notices that the patient has a leukocyte count of over 10,000/mm3. Which term describes this condition? leukocytosis
A patient enters the emergency department complaining of severe chest pain. What term is used to describe this symptom? angina pectoris
What cardiac event is signified by the QRS complex appearing on an electrocardiogram? ventricular depolarization
What organ is located int the upper left quadrant of the abdomen lateral to the stomach? spleen
What is the function of complement proteins? to destroy invading cells
Through what process do O2 and CO2 exchange in the alveoli? simple diffusion
During normal breathing, how is expiration accomplished? passively via elastic recoil of lung tissue
Which structures comprise the small intestion? jejunum and ileum
What is the function of the hepatic ducts? to crain vile from the liver
What is the first step in the process of glycolysis? the creation of two molecules of pyruvic acid
Which hormones contribute to increasing blood glucose levels? epinephrine, hydrocortisone, glucagon
Which factors most influences filtration in the glomeruli? blood pressure
An adult patient who has a urine output of 900 ml/day is said to exhibit the condition called___________. oliguria
To calculate the fluid volume of a person's extracellular fluid, one must add together: plasma and interstitial fluids
What are the physiologic effects of aldosterone secretion in response to decreased blood fluid volume? decresases urine output and increases extracellular fluid volume
What is the result when a strong acid placed in an NaHCO3 buffer solution? A weak acid forms.
What is the cause of respiratory acidosis? hypoventilation
When a male enters puberty, which of the following hormones stimulates a spermatogonium to undergo mitosis? follicle-stimulating hormone
What is the clinical significance of having a continuous mucosal lining of the abdominal cavity on one end and the lining of the uterus and vagina on the other? a gonorrheal infecton may pass into the abdominal cavity
During which time of human gestation does the embryonic stage occur? from 3 to 8 weeks after fertilization
What is the name of the process that describes the development of the primary germ layers during pregnancy? histogenesis
Which vessels contain arterial (oxygenated) blood? coronary artery and pulmonary vein
What is the function of the ductus venosus in fetal circulation? to shunt venous blood past the liver for deposit into the inferior vena cava
The health care practitioner had measured a patient's blood pressure and found it to be 160/110 mm Hg. How should the therapist interperet these findings? The patient is hypertensive
What type blood can be administered to any patient safely? Type O
Which term describes shortness of breath? dyspnea
What sturctures stimulate the body to increase ventilation due to low oxygen levels in arterial blood? carotid and aortic bodies
Which mechanisms are involved in the transport of CO2 in the blood for the purpose of bringing it to the lungs for elimination from the body? CO2 dissolved in the plasma, CO2 incorporated in the bicarbonate ion, carbaminohemoglobin
A patient is said to have normal PO2 and PCO2 values. Which measurements represent normal values? PO2 100 mmHg; PCO2 40mm Hg
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