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counting test review

individual hospital policies/procedures may vary slightly, but ethically, counts do not have to be done false
count policy is initiated by the OR Manager true
Policy is approved by the administrator over the OR, the surgery committe,director of nursing and the hospital administration true
polices/procedures s/be reviewed/revised every 10 years false
policy/procedure should follow recommended standards of practice established by the AMA false
which is not considered a counted item marking pen
which is not considered a counted item telfa pad
which is not considered a counted item wound drain
counts are performed on all operating procedures except neurosurgical procedures false
counts are performed prior to the beginning of a procedure true
counts are performed as closure of wound begins true
counts are performed after any part of a cavity or a cavity w/in a cavity is closed false
counts are performed whenever there is a permanent change in scrub/circulating personnel true
counts are performed as closure of skin begins true
responsibility for counts, who records the count on the pt's operative record/count sheet circulator
all sponges used during a surgical procedure should be radiopaque
always keep various sizes of what separated during a procedure sponges
always count together audibly, w/circulator and scrub concurrently viewing each sponge,sharp & instrument as it is counted
always place small dissectors on a instrument
never remove linen/trash container from the OR until all counts are verified
never allow a counted what to be taken from the OR during a procedure item
if the pt leaves the OR w/a counted sponge intentionally used as packing, what should be documented on the operative record number & type
used sponges should be confined and contained
used sponges should be handled w/ instruments/gloved hands
sponges are removed from the sterile field to an imperviously lind kick bucket
radiopaque sponges are ??? used for dressings never
prep sponges are ??? and are kept isolated from the sterile field non-radiopaque
never discard prep sponges in the kick bucket
sharps are counted when thru out the procedure continually
suture needles s/be counted according to the # marked on the outer package and verified by who scrub and circulator
broken sharps/broken or disassembled instruments are accounted for in their entirety
if either the scrub or circulator is relieved by another person during a procedure, the incoming person should verify all counts before the person being relieved leaves the OR
circulator/scrub personnel count all items in what order surgical field,mayo stand,back table,off field
where does the scrub place gauze sponges/small dissectors mayo stand
what is a sponge stick made of raytex
sterile,absorbent,lint-free material of varying size/shapes w/radiopaque strips surgical sponge
how many layers of dressings are there 3 layers
who removes the packing in the clinic attending surgeon
which doesn't pertain to a pressure dressing collodion spray
Created by: clmcnees