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er ir verbs

abrir to open
aburrir to annoy to bother
admitir to admit to grant to permit
aplaudir to applaud
aprender to learn
Asistir to attend to asist to be present
beber to drink
comer to eat
comprender to understand
correr to run
creer to believe
cubrir to cover
deber to owe must ought
decidir to decide
decir to say or to tell
descubrir to discover,to reveal or to uncover
devolver to renturn(oblject)to giv back
dormir to sleep
entender to understand
escribir to write
estar to be
hacer to mak to do
insister to insist,to persist to stress
ir to go
leer to read
mentir to lie to tell a lie
obtener to obtain to get
pedir to ask for to reqeust
permitir to permit to allow to admit to grant
poder to be aable to can
poner to put to place to turn on(radio tv)
prefir to prefer
prohibir to prohibit to forbid
querer to want to wish
recibir to recieve to get
recomendar to reccomend to commend to advise
repetir to repeat
responder to answer to relpy to respond
romper to break to shatter to tear
salir to leave to go out
sentir to feel sorry for to regret to feel
ser to be
soprender to surprise to astonish
subir to go up to climb
sufrir to suffer to undergo to endure
tener to have
vender to sell
VER to see
vivir to live
volver to reurn to go back
Created by: nicholerox
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