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International Foods

LSNHS- Internation Foods Final Review

Which of the following has NOT contributed to the global view of food? Family food customs
What is the primary grain in southeastern Asia? Rice
Canning, freezing, curing and drying food are alal methods of what? Food preservation
Bringing foodways together through quick travel and a growing interest in food results in what is sometimes called _________ cuisine? Fusion
All of the following ingredients are typical of the Southern United States except?rice, peanuts, sweet potatoes, maple syrup Maple syrup
What technique would you use to prepare a chunk of parmesan cheese to sprinkle onto spaghetti? Grate or shred
List moist-heat methods of cooking Simmer, Boil, Steam, Poach
Is nutmeg a herb or spice? Spice
Is basil a herb or spice? Herb
Is the Pacific Northwest known for chiles, pork, beef or seafood? Seafood
All of the following spices are usually available whole or ground EXCEPT ___?paprika, pepper, garlic, cinnamon Paprika
The Northeast United States are known for all of the following regional foods except: codfish cakes, maple syrup, red flannel hash, grits Grits
Pretzels originated with what immigrants? Pennsylania Dutch
What are the 2 distinctive cuisines of Louisiana? Cajun and Creole
List 3 ingredients that the Latin American Diet are based primarily on. Corn, rice, beans
What is the national dish of Brazil? Feijoada Completa
What 4 countries does Southern Europe comprise of? Italy, Spain, Greece, Portugal
What is the main cooking fat the Mediterranean region? Olive Oil
Common seasonings in the Middle East include sumac, cardamon, and ___________. Saffron
The main grain in North Africa is Couscous
What is the vast inland area of Australia called? Outback
What is hangi? Sweet potatoes wrapped in taro leaves.
What is a protected cell that can develop into bacteria under certain conditions? Spores
What is a susbstance that can make food unfit for use? Contaminant
What is the term for a situation when harmful bacteria is spread from one food to another? Cross contamination
What is the cooking technique called when you mix a light, fluffy mixture into a heavier one being careful not to overmix? Fold in
What is the cooking technique called when you dip food briefly into boiling water and then into cold water to stop the cooking process? Can be used to easily take off the skins of fresh fruits Blanching
What is the cooking technique called when you combine two or more ingredients thoroughly so they blend Mixing
What is the knife skill called when you cut off a very thin layer of skin from fruit? Paring
What is a small, decorative piece of food used to enhance the appearance of a dish? Garnish
What is a bundled or bagged blend of herbs and spices that flavors food Bouquet Garni
What is the name of a liquid or semi-liquid accompaniment to food? Condiment
What is a set of customs, traditions, and beliefs shared by a large group of people? Culture
What is an English dish that consists of pound cake, fruit, and pudding that is layered? Trifle
What is a Scottish dish that consists of a sheep stomach stuffed with a mixture of oats, organ meats,s onions, and beef or lamb suet? Haggis
What is a cardamon-spiced fruitcake made at Christmas in Germany? Stollen
What is an Irish dish of mashed potatoes mixed with chopped, cooked cabbage? Colcannon
What is a mixture or puree of legumes, onions, chiles, and tomatoes? Dal
What is a zesty condiment made from fruit, sugar, spices, and vinegar? Chutney
What is seaweed wrapper used to make sushi? Nori
Bite-sized dishes eaten at tea or between courses of a banquet in Asia Dim Sum
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