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What is the subdivion of the lung from largest to smallest that lies after the lobe and the segment and before the alveolous? lobule
The bronchi that project to lung segments. lobar/secondary bronchi
The bronchi that project to lung segments. Terchiary/Segmental bronchi
Alveoli in a lung of a patient diagnosed with emphysema are what in comparison to that of a normal person? larger
What is the pendulous part of the soft palate? Uvula
Ehat is the name of the smooth muscle on the posterior side of the trachea? trachealis
Name the pharynges. Oropharyngeal, nasopharyngeal and laryngopharyngeal
Which lung has both a horizontal and oblique fissure? Right lung
What is the flap that keeps unwanted food from going down the wrong tube? Epiglottis
When the diaphragm contracts, which direction does the floor of the thoracic cavity move? Downward
Which of these are not located within the lungs: Trachea, bronchi, bronchioles trachea and part of the bronchi
Where does gas exchange occur within the pulmonary system?
The lobes of a lung are easy to recognize and distinguish from one another because the are separated by fissures
The correct definition of bronchopulmonary segments is parts of the lung that are supplied by a single tertiary bronchus
The lungs are located in the thoracic cavity
Which cells produce surfactant? Type II cells
Which lung has a cardiac notch? Left lung
What flaps over the glottis when we swallow food? Epiglottis
The vocal ligaments attach between the thyroid cartilage and the arytenoid cartilage
What is the oddly shaped C-ring located where the trachea branches into the bronchi and produces a coughing reflex? Carina of the trachea
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