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Radiology & Diagnost


Angiocardiography A specialized diagnostic procedure in which a catheter is introduced into a large vien or artery, usually of an arm or a leg, and is then threaded through the circulatory system to the heart.
Angiography A series of x-ray films allowing visualization of internal structures after the introduction of a radiopaque substance.
Arthography the process of taking x-rays of the inside of a joint, after a contrast medium has been injected into the joint.
Barium Enema Infusion of a radiopaque contrast medium, barium sulfate, into the rectum. The contrast medium is retained in the lower intestinal tract while x-ray films are obtained of the lower GI tract
Barium Swallow Oral administration of a radiopaque contrast medium, barium sulfate, which flows into the esophagus as the person swallows.
Bronchography A bronchial examination via x-ray following the coating of the bronchi with a radiopaque substance.
Cholangiography Visualizing and outlining of hte major bile ducts following an intravenous injection of a contrast medium
Computed Axial Tomography or CAT Scan A painless, nonevasive diagnostic x-ray procedure using ionizing radiation that produces a cross-sectional image of the body.
Echocadiography Diagnostic procedure for studying the structure and motion of the heart.
Magnetic Resonance Imaging or MRI A noninvasive scanning procedure that provides visualization of fluid, soft tissue, and bony structures without the use of radiation.
Mammography The process of taking x-rays of the soft tissue of the breast to detect varous benign or malignant growths before they can be felt.
Positron Emission Tomography or PET Scan Computerized radiographic images of various body structures prdices when radioactive substances are inhaled or injected.
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