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Med Term Ch 20 & 21

Combining Forms

Fluoro Luminous
Fluoro Fluorescence
Iso Same
Pharmaceuto Drug
Radio X-rays
Roentgeno X-rays
Scinti Spark
Sono Sound
Therapeuto Treatment
Tomo To cut
Vitro Glass
Vivo Life
Gram Record
Graphy Process of recording
Lucent To shine
Opaque Obscure
Cine Movement
Echo A repeated sound
Ultra Beyond
Aero air
Algeso Sensitivity to pain
Chemo Drug
Craso mixture
Ergo Work
Estheso Feeling
Estheso Sensation
Histo Tissue
Hypno Sleep
Iatro Treatment
Myco fungus
Myco mold
Narco stupor
Oro Mouth
Prurito Itching
Pyreto Fever
Theco Sheath
Vaso Vessel
Veno Vein
Ana Upward
Ana excessive
Ana again
Anti against
Contra against
Contra opposite
Par Other than
Par apart from
Syn together
Syn with
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