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Stack #39843

the three scapular fossae contain which three muscles? Infraspionous , superspinous, subscapula
inraspionus fossa can be isolated by setting your finger son which three bony landmarks? spine of the scapula, medial border , lateral border
laterally along the supraspionous fossa your finr will bump into which two boney strutures acromion, clavicle
locate the subsca;ula fossa in a slidlying postion, you slowly sink your thumb onto the fossa surface. what can your other hand do to help access the fossa maneuver the arm and scapula for a postion that vest allowes your thumb to sink into tissue
to access the mdical portion of the subsca;ula fossa how yould you postion your parterner? sidelaying sholder flex
the acromial serves as an attachment site for which two muscles? trapezius ,deltoid
when paplating the cavicle , the acromial end ries superiorly while the sternal end curves inferiorly.? t or f true
sculpting a circle around the edges of the coracoid process can help you get a better understanding of its ? size and shape
what three muscles that attach to the greater tubercle of the humerus? supraspinotous, infraspinosious, teres mionor
with in the inertubercular grove lies teh tendon of which muscle? biceps brachii
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