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chapter 15 voc

oid resemble, resembling
aden gland
co together
macro large
phage to eat
cyte cell
osis condition
ic pertaining to
ectomy surgical excision
megaly enlargement
itis inflammation
splen/o spleen, as spleen
tonsill skin, as tonsil
CD cluster domain
ig Immunoglobulin
immune protected from an infection disease
immunity state of being protected
immunization administration of an agent to provide immunity
immunology science and practice of immunity and allergy
immunologist medical specialist in immunology
immunize to make resistant to an infectious disease
immunoglubin specific protein evoked by an antigen.
immunosuppression failure of the immune system caused by an outside agent
immunodeficiency failure of the immune system
pathogen a disease causing microorganism
anti against
hyper excessive
dis away
auto self or same
adenoid single mass of lymphoid tissue in the midline at the back of the throat
autoimmune immune reaction directed against a person's own tissue
macrophage large white blood cell that removes bacteria, foreign particles, and dead cells
anaphylactic life threatening medical emergency
asthma episodes if breathing difficulity due to narrowed or obstructed airways
tonsillectomy surgical removal of the tonsils
AIDS acquired immunodeficiency syndrome
HIV human immunodeficiency virus
trans across
retro backward
allo strange or other
ism condition
ana away from
oma tumor
gram recording
congenital present at birth
agglutination process by which cells or other particles adhere to each other to form clumps
lymphedema tissue swelling due to lymphatic obstruction
vaccination administration of a vaccine
antigen molecule capable of triggering an immune response
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