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ch 23 contt

ch 23

conversion disorder a disorder in which the individual represses anxiety experienced by emotional conflicts by converting the anxious feelings into the physical symptoms that have no organic basis but are perceived to be real by the individual
munchausen syndrome (by proxy) a somewhat rare form of child abuse in which a parent of a child falsifies an illness in a child by fabricating or creating the symptoms and then seeks frequent medical attention for the child
hypochondriasis a chronic,abnormal concern about the health of the body characterized by extreme anxiety,depression & an unrealistic interpretation of real or imaging physical symptoms as indications that no disorder is present
exhibitionism is a sexual disorder involving the exposure of one's genitals to a stranger
pain disorder a psychological disorder in which the patient experiences pain in the absence of physiologic findings
narcolepsy a sleep disorder characterized by a repeated,uncontrollable desire to sleep-often several times a day.the sleep attacks must occur daily over a period of a least three months to establish the diagnosis
dissociative identity disorder a disorder in which there is the presence of tow or more distinct personalities within one some point in time,each personality takes complete control of the persons behavior
dissociative fugue a disorder in which the individual separates from a past life and associations,wanders away for a period of time, & returns with no recollection of the disappearance
dissociative amnesia a disorder in which the individual is unable to recall important personal information, usually of a traumatic or stressful nature.the loss of memory is more than simple forgetting
sexual sadism/sexual masochism a sexual disorder that involves the act of being humiliated,beaten,bound or otherwise made to suffer;or the act of inflicting psychological or physical suffering on the victim
pedophilia a sexual disorder in which the individual is sexually aroused and engages in sexual activity with children
frotteurism a sexual disorder in which the person gains sexual stimulation or excitement by rubbing against a non-consenting person.
fetishism,transvestic a sexual disorder in which the focus of the fetish involves cross dressing.the male usually keeps a collection of female clothing he intermittently uses to cross dress
bulimia nervosa an uncontrolled craving for food,often resulting in eating binges-followed by vomiting to eliminate the food from the stomach
anorexia nervosa a disorder seen primarily in adolescent girls,characterized by an emotional disturbance concerning body image,prolonged refusal to eat followed by extreme weight loss,amenorrhea and a lingering abnormal fear of becoming obese
antisocial personality disorder is characterized by repetitive behavioral patterns that lack moral and ethical standards,keeping the individual in continuous conflict with society
borderline personality disorder is characterized by an extensive pattern of instability of interpersonal relationships,self-image,& marked impulsivity that begins by early adulthood and is present in a variety of contexts
attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder(ADHD) a condition of persistent inattention and hyperactivity,impulsivity or both;formerly known as attention-deficit disorder
schizoid personality disorder is characterized by the inability to form social relationships.the individual may appear as emotionally cold or indifferent
paranoid personality disorder is characterized by a generalized distrust and suspicious of others so much so that the individual blames them for his or her own mistakes and failures
narcissistic personality disorder is characterized by an abnormal interest in oneself,especially in one's own body and sexual characteristic
family therpay a form of psychotherapy that focuses the treatment on the process between family members that support and sustains is a group therapy with family members composing the group
behavior therapy a form of psychotherapy that seeks to modify observable, maladjusted patterns of behavior by substituting new responses to given stimuli;also called behavior modification
electroconvulsive therapy(ECT) the process of passing an electrical current through the brain to create a brief seizure in the brain.muck like a spontaneous seizure from some forms of epilepsy,also called shock therapy
drug therapy the use of psychotropic drugs to treat mental disorders.psychotropic drugs are those prescribed for their effects in relieving symptoms of anxiety depression,or other mental disorders
psychoanalysis a form of psychotherapy that analyzes the individuals unconscious thought,using free association,questioning,probing, and analyzing
play therapy a form of psychotherapy in which a child plays in a protected and structured environment with games and toys provided by a therapist,who observes the behavior,effect and conversation of the child to gain insight into thoughts,feelings & fantasies
hypnosis a passive,trance-like state of existence that resembles normal sleep during which perception and memory are altered-resulting in increased responsiveness to suggestion
group therapy the application of psycho-therapeutic techniques within a small group of people who experience similar difficulties; also known as encounter group
draw-a-person (DAP) test a personality test that is based on the interpretation of drawings of human figures of both sexes
Minnesota multiphasic personality inventory (MMPI) a self report personality inventory test that consists of 550 statements that can be answered "true" "false" or "cannot say".the statements vary widely in content and are sometimes repeated in various wyas throughout the test
intelligence testing was designed to measure an individuals ability to adapt and constructively solve problems in the environment.
thematic apperception test (TAT) is designed to elicit stories that reveal something about an individuals personality.this test consists of a series of 30 back-and-white pictures,each on an individual card
rorscharch inkblot test is a personality test that involves the use of 10 inkblot cards,half black-&-white & half in color.the cards are shown to the individual,one at a time.the person is shown a card,and asked to describe what he or she sees in the card
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