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ch 23 cont

ch 23

projection the act of transferring one's own unacceptable thoughts or feelings to someone else
play therapy a form of psychotherapy in which a child plays in a protected and structured environment with games and toys provided by a therapist
phobia an anxiety disorder characterized by an obsessive,irrational & intense fear of a specific object,of an activity or a physical situation.
personality disorders any of a large group of mental disorders characterized by rigid,inflexible & maladaptive behavior patterns that impair a person's ability to function in society by severely limiting adaptive potential
pedphilia a sexual disorder in which the individual is sexually aroused & engages in sexual activity with children(generally 13 yrs or younger)
paraphilia sexual perversion or deviation;a condition in which the sexual instinct is expressed in ways that are socially prohibited, unacceptable or biologically underside
paranoia a mental disorder characterized by an elaborate overly suspicious system of thinking with delusions of persecution & grandeur usually centered on one major theme
panic disorder a disorder characterized by recurrent panic attacks that come on unexpectedly
panic attack an episode of acute anxiety during which the individual may experience intense feelings of uneasiness or fright accompanied by dyspnea,dizziness,swelling,trembling & palpitations of the heart
obsession a persistent thought or idea with which the mind is continually and involuntary preoccupied
neurosis a psychological or behavioral disorder in which anxiety is the primary characteristic; thought to be related to unresolved conflicts
mutism the inability to speak because of a physical defect or emotional problem
mood disorders an affective state characterized by any of a variety of periods of depression or depression elation
marijuana a mind altering drug derived from the flowering top of hemp plants;also called marijuana.this drug is classified as a controlled substance Schedule I drug
psychotropic any substance capable of affecting the mind,emotions and behavior; drugs used in the treatment of mental illness
psychotherapy any of a large number of related methods of treating mental and emotional disorders using psychological techniques instead of physical means of treatment
psychosomatic pertaining to the expression of an emotional conflict through physical symptoms
psychosis any major mental disorder of organic characterized by a loss of conflict with reality
psychology the study of behavior and the process of the mind, especially as it relates to the individuals social and physical environment
psychologist a person who specializes in the study of the structure & function of the brain & related mental processes of animals and humans.
psychodrama a form of group psychotherapy in which people act out their emotional problems through unrehearsed dramatizations; also called role-playing therapy
psychonanalyst a psychotherapist,usually a psychiatrist who has had special training in psychoanalysis & who applies the techniques of psychoanalytic theory
psychoanalysis a form of psychotherapy that uses free association,dream interpretation & analysis of defense mechanisms to help the patient become aware of repressed emotional conflicts
psychiatry the branch of medicine that deals with the causes,treatment, & prevention of mental, emotional and behavioral disorders
psychiatrist a physician who specializes in the diagnosis,prevention, and treatment of mental disorders
tolerance the ability to endure unusually large doses of a drug without apparent adverse effects,and with continued use of the drug to require increased dosages to produce the same effect
suppression the voluntary blocking of unpleasant feelings and experiences from one's min
sublimation re-channeling or redirecting one's unacceptable impulses and drives into constructive activities
somatoform disorders any group of neurotic disorders characterized by symptoms suggesting physical illness or disease for which there are no demonstrable organic causes activities
sexual sadism/sexual masochism a sexual disorder that involves the act(real not simulated) of being humiliated,beaten,bound or otherwise made to suffer;or act of inflicting psychological or physical suffering on the victim
senile dementia an organic mental disorder of the aged resulting from the generalized atrophy(wasting)of the brain with no evidence of cerebrovascular disease.characterized by loss of memory,impaired judgment,decreased moral & ethical values,inability to think abstractly
sedative an agent that decreases functional activity and has a calming effect on the body
schizophrenia any of a large group of psychotic disorders characterized by gross distortion of reality,disturbances of language & communications, with drawal from social interaction & the disorganization & fragmentation of thought, perception & emotional reaction
repression an involuntary blocking of unpleasant feelings and experiences from one's conscious mind
regression a response to stress in which the individual reverts to an earlier level of development and the comfort measures associated with that level of functioning
rationalization attempting to make excuses or invert logical reasons to justify unacceptable feelings or behaviors;most commonly used defense mechanism
purging the means of ridding the body of what has been consumed;that is, the individual may induce vomiting or use laxatives to rid the body of food that has just been eaten
amnesia disorders amnesia disorders or amnestic disorders are characterized by short-term memory deficits
delirium is a state of frenzied excitement.it occurs rapidly and is characterized by difficulty maintaining and shifting attention
dementia a progressive,organic mental disorder characterized by chronic personality disintegration,confusion,disorientation,stupor,deterioration of intellectual capacity & function & impairment of control of memory, judgment and impulses
schizophrenia any of a large group of psychotic disorders characterized by gross distortion of reality,disturbance of language, and communication,withdrawal from social interaction & the disorganization & fragmentation of thought,perception & emotional reaction
cyclothymic disorder a chronic mood disorder characterized by numerous periods of mood swings from depression to happiness.the period of mood disturbance is at least two years in duration
bipolar disorders(manic-depressive) a psychological disorder characterized by episodes of mania & depression, alternations between the two or a mixture of the two moods simultaneously
paranoid schizophrenia a condition characterized by the individual being overly suspicious of others and having hallucinations and delusions
post-traumatic stress disorder a disorder in which the individual experiences characteristic symptoms following exposure to an extremely traumatic event.the individual reacts with horror,extreme fright or helplessness to the event
major depressive disorder a disorder characterized by one or more episodes of depressed mood that lasts at least two weeks & is accompanied by at least five additional symptoms of depression
generalized anxiety disorder a disorder characterized by chronic,unrealistic & excessive anxiety and worry.The symptoms have usually existed for at least six months or more and have no relation to any specific causes
panic disorder is characterized by recurrent panic attacks that come on unexpectedly,followed by at least one month or persistent concern about having another panic attack
phobic disorder an anxiety disorder characterized by an obsessive,irrational &intense fear of a specific object,of an activity or of a physical situation; also called phobia disorder
obsessive-compulsive disorder a disorder characterized by recurrent obsessions or compulsions that are severe enough to be time consuming (they take more than one hour a day)or to cause obvious distress or a notable handicap
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