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PPD test review

Positioning,Prepping and Draping test review

used to achieve any desired postion thru manual/electrical controls; accepts attachments operating room table
holds drapes off pt's face and separates nonsterile area from sterile field anesthesia screen
used as an arm restraint and used to support/lift the body during transfer to a stretcher drawsheet
used to secure the pt during all induction and most positions except lithotomy safety beld(knee strap)
used for additional immobilization/support all of the above
raise and support the legs in lithotomy position stirrups
used to support the arm when giving IV's armboard
used to stabilize the body in lateral kidney positions padded body and kidney rest
used for neurosurgical/some otorhinology procedures sitting
used for thoracic procedures when a lateral approach is desired by surgeon lateral chest
used for rectal procedures Kraske
used for lower abdominal/pelvic procedures when surgeon want abdominal contents to be separated from pelvic contents Trendelenburg
used for procedures on the posterior surface of the body prone
used for vaginal,perineal and rectal procedures lithotomy
who decides on the position to be used surgeon
who is primarily responsible for positioning the pt circulator
pillows/other padding are used in strategic places to prevent pressureon nerves and blood vessels
pt's who are anesthetized must be positioned slowly
avoid excessive pressure on this to avoid respiratory issues. chest
pt's legs must not be crossed due impairment of what circulation
extreme/embrassing positioning should be done when after pt is anesthetized
purpose of draping all of the above
are flammable; therefore must not be used alcohols
develops a cumulative action after a period of frequent use; neutralized by alcohol hexachlorophene
radial,median or ulnar nerve damage can occur if what is not supported elbow
extreme positions of the head/arm can cause injury to brachial plexus
to avoid hyperextension of the arm, move it no more than 90 degrees
movement of joints must be gentle and must be moved within their limited range
types of draping material all of the above
sterile technique is used thru out the entire draping procedure true
excessive handling of the drapes should be avoided true
circulator should observe for breaks in technique during draping true
the anesthesiologist usally places the towels/clips to outline incision site false
skin prep should be carried out for at least 5 min true
when pt is in lithotomy position the butt/chest should be even w/table edge true
what or table attachment is used in trendelenburg position shoulder braces
position on table for kidney lateral on uninvolved side
another name for jackknife position kraske
good positioning allows maximum safety and comfort to pt
which prep solution can cause breakdown of mucous membranes alchol
what surgical procedure has a prep time of longer than 5 min ortho/cardio
how far is a drape/gown folded back to expose the incision site 1 inch
what is the major cause of foot drop damage to perineal nerve caused by not enough support
stirrups misplaced/bad padding damages what nerve perioneal
legs in lateral lower leg is flexed, upper leg is straight w/large pillow under them
pt is on back face up supine
why would the surgeon want painting instead of scrubbing on a cancer site can spread cancer cells
when prep agent is effective from neg to pos betadine
Created by: clmcnees