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History europe

study guide for europe and its countries

What is Europe's main climate? temperate
What are wild sheep with curling horns that are found on Corsica and Sardinia called? mouflon
Narrow inlets where ocean comes in between cliffs. Fjords
Deep enough to be traveled by boat. navigable
European superhighways. autobahns
A main deposit of oil and gas. north sea
Its eggs are the most expensive types of caviar. belugasturgeon
Europe's longest river volga river
French car manufacturer Renault
Called moose in Europe elk
Climate found in british isles maritime climate
Italian game similar to lawn bowling boccie
Europe's largest exporter of timber Sweden
Most European Christians are this roman catholic
Europe's highest peak Mount Elbrus
A nimble alpine animal ibex
Land of a thousand lakes Finland
Source of Europe's mild climate Gulf Stream
Holy wars in the 11th, 12th, and 13th centuries crusades
Provide more employment for Europeans than any other economic activity Service Industries
Famous symbol of good luck white stork
World's largest country Russia
Native cats found in Caspian lowland desert sand cats
Divide France and Spain pyrenees
Animals found in central Europe hedgehogs
Fuel of Europe's early factories. coal
Trace the border between France and Switzerland Jura mountains
Number of EU countries in 1957 six
Europe's second longest river Danube River
Climate found in central and eastern Europe continental climate
Europe's common currency euro
Starting point of Volga valdai hillsVatican city
Power provided by Europe's rivers hydroelectricity
Loved by European urbanities live theater
Where Dunube empties into Black Sea
Recently active near naples, Italy vesuvius
Country with average income per person less than 4,000 moldova
Worlds smallest country vatican city
Swedish car manufacturer volvo
popular sport in UK cricket
What geographers call Asia and Europe Eurasia
Europe's southern border Mediterranean Sea
Eastern border of Europe Ural mountains
Worlds largest saltwater lake Caspian Sea
percentage of Europeans who are Muslim six percent
Created by: Carson_pinney