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Mrs B Med Term 9 CF

anastom opening
ang, ang/i, angi/o vessel
angin to choke
arter, arter/i, arteri/o artery
ather, ather/o fatty substance, porridge
arti, atri/o atrium
auscultat listen to
card, card/i, cardi/o heart
chol, chole, chol/e gall, bile
circulat circular
claudicate to limp
corpor, corpor/e body
cyan dark blue
dilat to widen
dynam power
echo/o echo
electro/o electricity
embol to cast, throw
fibrillat fibrils (small fibers)
gluc/o, glyc sweet, sugar
hem, hem/o, hemat, hemat/o blood
infarct nectrosis (death) of an area
isch to hold back
lipid, lip, lip/o fat
lun moon
man/o thin
mitr mitral valve
occlus to shut up
ox, ox/i oxygen
oxy sour, sharp, acid
palpitat throbbing
pector chest
phleb, phleb/o vein
phon/o sound
pulm, pulmon, pulmonar, pulmon/o lung
rrhyth, rrhythm rhythm
sin/o curve
sphygm/o pulse
sten narrowing
sterol solid (fat)
steth, steth/o chest
strict to tighten, contraction
tens tension
thromb, thromb/o clot
ton tone, tension
valvul/o valve
vas, vas/o vessel
vascul small vessel
ven, ven/i, ven/o vein
ventricul ventricle
vers turning
Created by: cbrocker



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