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AP EURO chronology

AP EURO chronology dates and events

napoleon dies on st helena may 1821
the zollverein in est. 1834
frankfurt assembly 1848
crimean war 1854-1856
otto von bismarck as chancellor 1862-1890
danish war 1864
austro-prussian war 1866
augsleich 1867
second great reform bill feb 1867
unification of italy complete 1870
franco-prussian war 1871
berlin conference 1884-1885
dreyfus affair 1894-1906
tsar nicholas II r.1894-1917
russo japanese war 1904-1905
bloody sunday jan 1905
assassination of the archduke franz ferdinand june 28, 1914
Sinking of the Lusitania May 7,1915
Bolshevik takeover in Petrograd Nov. 1917
Vladimir Lenin r. 1917 -1924
Armistice Day Nov. 11, 1918
Civil War in Russia 1918-1922
Versailles Peace Conference Jan. 1919
Treaty of Versailles is signed June 1919
Mussolini's March on Rome Oct.28, 1922
Beer Hall Putsch Aug. 11, 1923
Joseph Stalin r. 1924- 1953
Locarno Agreement 1925
Hitler as Chancellor of Germany Jan. 1933
Formation of the Rome- Berlin Axis 1936
Spanish Civil War 1936-1937
Munich Conference 1938
Nazi- Soviet Pact is signed Aug. 1938
germany invades polan sept 1 1939
Leon Trotsky is murdered in Mexico 1940
Created by: luluy95