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More Italy Stuff

What are Italians considered the most of all European? homogeneous
What language do thousands of people speak in the Alpine Valley? German
What is the name of the french speaking Italians in the north? Valdotains
A Slavic language spoken in northeast Italy. Slovenian
How many percent of the people in Italy speak Italian? 95%
Where the standard form of language originated in? Tuscany
Where did the Italian art start? Etruscans
A public meeting place in Rome? Forum
What impacted Italian art, in the 14th century Renaisance
Three early forms of music? Gregorian Chant, Troubador Song, Madrigal
What are two things that describe education between ages six and 14? free and required
How many state and private university in Italy? 27
What is the oldest university in Italy? Bologna University
What is the largest university in Italy? University of Rome
What disease is almost completely eliminated in Italy? Malaria
Who owns the Italian railroad system? The Government
What is the name of the railroad tunnel that connects Switzerland and Italy? Simplon Tunnel
In 1920 what was the first thing made in northern Italy? automobile expressway
Superhighways that connect cities autostradas
Italy's type of government till 1946 constitutional monarchy
What type of government since 1946? Republic
Who is the president elected by? Parliment
How long is the president elected for? 7 years
Who are the Chambers of Deputies and Senate elected by? The People
How long are the Chambers of Deputies and Senate elected for? 5 years
Created by: uvafan101