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what is the basic structure of skin epidermis, dermis, subcutaneous layer
what is the epidermis made of stratified squamous epithelium, connects to underlying dermis via basement membrane
what is the dermis made of deep to the epidermis made of mostly areolar connective tissue
what is the subcutaneous layer made of deeper than the dermis, made of mostly adipose, not actually part of the skin
what are the basic functions of the skin maintain homeostasis, regulate body temp, protect underlying tissues, slowing water loss, housing sensory receptors, synthesize vitamin d, excrete of urea
what is the function of the epidermis protection against water loss, mechanical injury, chemicals, and microorganisms
what are the 4/5 layers of epidermis stratum corneum, stratum lucidim, stratum granulosum, stratum spinosum, stratum basale
what is the stratum corneum made of dead keratinocytes, protects against abrasion and microorganisms
where is the stratum lucidum found in thicker palms and soles, caluses
what is the stratum basale made of reproducing cells, gradually pushed up, cells dehydrate and fill with keratin, contains melanocytes
what are the dermis functions bind epidermis, dermal blood vessels nourish the epidermis, contains nerve fibers, increases SA
what is the dermis made of areolar, dense, and adipose tissue
what is dermal papillae projections of the dermis into the epidermis creating an uneven border
what are the accessory structures of the skin nails, hair follicles, sebaceous glands, sweat glands
what is the nail consist of nail plate, nail bed, half moon shaped lunula
what is arrector pili smooth muscle attatched to a hair folicle
what is eumelanin dark hair
what is pheomelanin blonde and red hair
what are sebaceous glands glands associated with hair follicles that secrete sebum
what do sweat glands secrete mostly water but some urea
what are the types of sweat glands eccrine, apocrine
what is eccrine respond to body temp
what is apocrine respond to body temp, stress, and sexual arousal
what does ceruminous glands secrete earwax
what do mammary glands secrete milk
what is the most common skin cancer basal cell carcinoma
what is the least common skin cancer malignant melanoma
what is the skin cancer abcde assymetrical, border, color, diameter, evolving
Created by: 24eproch21
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