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Ireland is cool


What is Ireland's nickname? Emerald Isle
How many people worldwide claim Irish ancestry? 70 million
How many people in the USA have Irish heritage? 35 million
Due to a strong economy in the 1990's , what was Ireland known as? Celtic Tiger
What is Ireland's most famous mountain range? Macgillycuddy's Reeks
What is peat used for? Fuel
What fraction of Ireland is occupied by peat bogs, marshes, mountains, and lakes? 1/4
What is the longest river in the British Isles? Shannon River
How many inches of rain could the west of Ireland get in a year (in inches?) 80 inches
How many inches of rain could the east of Ireland get in a year (in inches?) 30 inches
In what year did 26 largely Catholic become independent from British rule? 1922
What is the most common religion in Ireland? Roman Catholic
What is the "man's social club" in Ireland? Pub
What is a popular Irish sport that is a type of field hockey? Hurling
What is a popular Irish sport that is a combination of soccer and rugby? Gaelic Football
What was declared as the "first official language" of Ireland in 1937? What is it also known as? Irish, Gaelic
What percent of the labor force works in agriculture?? Less than 10%
What two factors make Ireland one of the world's best climate for growing grass? Rainfall, Temperate climate
What percent of agriculture do milk and cattle account for? 85%
What is the hand-illustrated collection of four books of the New Testament in Dublin? The book of Kells
Blarney Castle, home of the Blarney Stone, is located near what Irish city? Cork
What caused the famine in the 1840's? Fungus
How many people died during the famine? 1 million
How many people moved away during the famine? 1 million
What crop did the famine in the 1840's affect? Potato
Created by: may.donahue