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Italy is ______- shaped peninsula that extends into the ____________ Sea. boot, Mediterranian
An ancient king named _____ may be the source of Italy's name Italo
In the mid-__th century (1800's), the many separate nations of the Italian peninsula were united 19
________ is Italy's neighbor to the northeast Slovenia
The toe of the Italian boot seems to kick and island named ________ Sicily
There are 2 small independent countries within Italy: ___________________ and ______________ Republic of San Marino, Vatican City
____-thirds of Italy is covered with mountains and hills. Two
_____ Paradiso is Italy's highest point Gran
The __________ Range makes up Italy's "spine." Apennine
When Vesuvius erupted in A.D. 79 in destroyed the cities of _________ and _____________ Pompeii, Herculaneum
The largest lake in Italy is ___________ Garda
The ___ and the _______ are Italy's only navigable rivers. Po, Adige
The _______ River flows through Italy's capital city, ______ Tiber, Rome
______________ is one of Italy's important source of power. It comes from swift-flowing alpine streams. Hydroelectricity
Italy is the world's leading producer of ________ Marble
The _________ Alps are topped with marble, which appears to be snow. Apuane
Hot wind called the _______ blows across southern Italy from the deserts of North Africa. Scirocco
The religion of the vast majority of Italians is ____________________. Roman Catholic
___________________ is the patron saint of Naples. San Gennaro
On August 15th, two-week period called ____________ begins. It is a time when many Italians go on vacation. Ferragosto
Rather than exchanging gifts on December 25th, many Italians do so on _______ __, known as the Feast of the Epiphany. January 6th
Italians must go to school until they are ___ years old. Middle school (also known as intermediate or junior high school is called ___________ 14, Scuola Media
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