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Stack #39249

alopecia loss of hair
amputation the removal of all or part of an extremity
aphasia the inability (a) to speak (phasia)
arthritis joint (arthr)inflammation (itis)
arthroplasty the surgical replacement (plasty) of a joint (arthro)
benign tumor a tumor that grows slowly and within a localized area
cancer malignant tumor
closed fracture the bone is broken but the skin is intact; simple fracture
compound fracture the bone is broken and has come through the skin; open fracture
dialysis process of removing waste products from the blood
expressive aphasia difficulty expressing or sending out thoughts
expressive-receptive aphasia difficulty expressing or sending out thoughts and difficulty receiving information
fracture a broken bone
gangrene a condition in which there is death of tissue; tissues become black, cold, and shriveled
hemiplegia paralysis on one side of the body
hyperglycemia high (hyper)sugar (glyc) in the blood (emia)
hypoglycemia low (hypo) sugar (glyc) in the blood (emia)
malignant tumor a tumor that grows rapidly and invades other tissues; cancer
metastasis the spread of cancer to other parts of the body
open fracture compound fracture
paraplegia paralysis of both legs
quadriplegia paralysis of the arms, legs, and trunk
receptive aphasia difficulty receiving information
simple fracture closed fracture
stomatitis inflammation (itis) of the mouth (stomat)
tumor a new growth of cells; tumors are benign or malignant
ureterostomy the surgical creation of an artificial opening (stomy) between the ureter (uretero) and the abdomen
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