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Stack #39176

affect feelings and emotions
anxiety a vague, uneasy feeling that occurs in response to stress
compulsion the uncontrolled performance of an act
conscious awareness of the environment and experiences; the person knows what is happening and can control thoughts and behaviors
defense mechanism an unconscious reaction that blocks unpleasant or threatening feelings
delusion a false belief
delusion of grandeur an exaggerated belief about one's own importance, wealth, power, or talents
delusion of persecution a false belief that one is being mistreated, abused, or harassed
ego the part of the personality dealing with reality; deals with thoughts, feelings, good sense, and problem solving
emotional illness mental illness, mental disorder, psychiatric disorder
hallucination seeing, hearing, or feeling something that is not real
id the part of the personality at the unconscious level; concerned with pleasure
mental relating to the mind; something that exists in the mind or is performed by the mind
mental disorder mental illness; emotional disorder, psychiatric disorder
mental health a state of mind in which the person copes with and adjusts to the stresses of everyday living in ways accepted by society
mental illness a disturbance in the person's ability to cope or adjust to stress; behavior and functioning are impaired; mental disorder, emotional illness, psychiatric disorder
obsession a persistent thought or idea
panic an intense and sudden feeling of fear, anxiety, terror, or dread
paranoia a disorder (para) of the mind (noia); false beliefs (delusions) and suspicion about a person or situation
personality the set of attitudes, values, behaviors, and traits of a particular person
phobia fear, panic, or dread
psychiatric disorder mental illness, mental disorder, emotional disorder
psychosis a serious mental disorder; the person does not view or interpret reality correctly
schizophrenia split (schizo) mind (phrenia)
stress the response or change in the body caused by any emotional, physical, social, or economic factor`
stressor any emotional, physical, social, or economic factor that causes stress
subconscious memory, past experiences, and thoughts of which the person is not aware; they are easily recalled
superego the part of the personality concerned with what is right and wrong
unconscious experiences and feelings that cannot be remembered
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