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shah extra credit ID

four basic pieces of furniture chairs, tables, beds, cabinets
furniture styles are influenced by: materials and manufacturing
styles, as a rule develops... gradually
formal furniture orginated in Europe
informal furniture furniture of various periods
a small percentage of furniture sold today is truly new, experimental, or contemparay in design
most furniture on the market today is .. contemparary
reproductions are.. a copy of the original
antiques furniture made in an earlier time
what was the dominant furniture style during the Pilgrim Period? Jacobean
who was the jacobean named after? King James of England
whta english styles were brought to the colonies oak and maple
wta is a lathe? a machine that spins wook against a cutting tool
what is turning? adding shape
waht is a chest used for? storage, seats, tables, and beds
what is a cupboard used for? storage and shelves
in the sevteenth century, there was a chair table that... had a large back that protected the occupant from drafts which could be tipped forward to form a table
in the seventeenth century, a trestle table was.. atable with a long rectangular top and a wide vertical support at each end
in the seventeenth century, a trundle bed was.. a low bed that can be stored under a higher bed during the day
in WAM time, there were fine carvings and trims
what is a veneer? thin layer of wood or several bonded layers
what is upholstery? furniture fabric
what is a Gateleg table? a table with legs on each side that swing out to support drop leaves athat are pulled up from the sides
what is a carbiole leg? a leg that curves out at the middle
what is japanning? process of applying glossy black lacquer
what is a wing chair? an arm chair with a high back and high sides extending from each side
what is a windsor chair? a chair with stick legs and a spindle back inserted
what is a camel back sofa? a sofa with curved back and sides
what is mahogany wood? a suitable wood
who was robert adam? scottish architect
Created by: sohinishah31