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The business of protecting, through legal means, a person or property against loss or harm is referred to as INSURANCE
Health insurance narrows down undesirable events to ILLNESS AND INJURIES
"Securitas" is the latin term for SECURITY
The "birth" of health insurance in this country occurred in 1929
The federal healthcare program for the elderly and certain qualifying others is MEDICARE
The combined federal and state healthcare program for indigent and low income individuals is MEDICAID
A relatively new concept of health insurance structure that emerged in the late twentieth century is MANAGED CARE
Congress passed the "Health Maintenance Act" in 1973
Factors listed in the text that drive healthcare issues include all of the following EXCEPT REGULATING MANAGED CARE PLANS
Many employed individuals obtain healthcare coverage through a/an GROUP PLAN
The groups that are typically without health insurance are those who are SELF-EMPLOYED, EMPLOYED PART TIME, EMPLOYED IN LOW WAGE JOBS
The ACRONYM for the congressional act that circumvents problems such as pre-existing conditions as well as other healthcare related issues is COBRA
The situation whereby patients pay a certain portion of healthcare costs (e.g., deductible and copayment) is called COST SHARING
Actuaries use statistics to predict anticipated healthcare costs, which establish PREMIUMS
Fee-for-service healthcare plans are also referred to as INDEMNITY INSURANCE
Understanding what you read is called COMPREHENSION
Sending and receiving information through mutually understood methods is COMMUNICATION
When you stick with a task until it is completed, you are DILIGENT
When you have honest, ethical, and moral principles, you are said to have INTEGRITY
To write down important lecture facts in one's own words is called PARAPHRASING
Organizing daily responsibilities according to importance is called Prioritizing
Sucess in getting the most out of one's own education and optimizing career potential facilitates LIFELONG LEARNING
In order to develop effective study skills, it is suggested that students generate a TIME MANAGEMENT SCHEDULE
One method of enhancing one's career as a health insurance professional is to acquire CERTIFICATION
Career opportunities for a health professional include Physicians offices, healthcare organizations and nursing homes
Created by: Jeannie-Snyder