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EENT Medical Terms

EENT Medical Terminology

Adenoid Curettes used to remove adenoid tissue
Adenoids lymphnode tissue located in the nasopharyngeal region of the pharynx which atrophies with age
Auditory latin word pertaining to the sense of hearing
Aduitory Acuity acuteness or sharpness of hearing
Aural latin word pertaining to ear
Bone Conduction Implantation placement of miniature external sound processing disc which bypasses external and middle ear to stimulate the cochlea
Caldwell-Luc creation of a new passageway between the maxillary sinus and nasal cavity
Conduction transmission of sound waves through air or bone
Epiglottis small leaf-shaped structure located immediately posterior to root of the tongue which cover the entrance of the larynx when swallowing, thus preventing food or liquids from entering the airway
Ethmoidectomy removal of diseased portion of middle turbinate, ethmoidal cells, and diseased tissue in the nasal fossa through a nasal or external approach
fenestration procedure reconstruction of the outer & middle parts of the ear by means of a new drum of skin flap/creation of a new window. treatment for hearing loss due to otosclerosis
glossectomy partial/total removal of the tongue
glottis the intervening space between the vocal folds
killian operation creation of a new passage way between the frontal sinuses & nasal cavity
laryngectomy varying degrees of technique to remove the larynx (partially/totally) & its associated structures to treat carcinoma of the larynx
laryngoscope used to visualize the larynx/vocal cords for biopsy
laryngoscopy direct visualization of the larynx thru a fiberoptic endoscope; removal of foreign bodies,polyps& tissue specimens for pathologic exam
larynx musculocartilaginous structure at the top of the trachea consisting of 9 cartilages bound together
mandibulectomy partial/total removal of the lower jaw for oral carcinoma extending into the mandible
mastoiditis inflammation of the air cells of the mastoid process
meniere's disease disorder of the membranous labyrinth of the inner ear; symptoms include progressive deafness,tinnitus & dizziness
modified radical mastoidectomy removal of the mastoid air cells & the posterior wall of the external ear canal for drainage
myringotomy incision of the tympanic membrane under direct vision to treat acute otitis media/release fluid in the middle ear
ossicle any small bone, especially the 3 small bones of the ear
otitis media inflammation of the middle ear
oto greek word pertaining to the ear
otology study of the ear,its functions & diseases
otosclerosis condition characterized by chronic progressive deafness caused by formation of spongy bone,especially around the oval window
palatine tonsils lymphoid tissue located in the oropharyngeal region of the pharynx behind & below continuous w/the esophagus; serves as a passageway for air/food
papilloma any benign epithelial tumor
parotidectomy partial/total removal of the parotid gland
pharynx musculo/membranous structure extending from the base of the skull to the area where it becomes continous w/the esophagus
polypectomy removal of nasal/sinus polyps to improve pts ability to breath
pressure equalization tubes small drainage tubes placed in the tympanic membrane to prevent the accumulation of fluid in the middle ear
radical neck dissection en bloc removal of lymphatic chains and all noncritical structures of the neck
repair of nasal fracture manipulation of mobilization of injured nasal bones/septal cartilage; restores nose to prior appearance/function
rhinoplasty reconstruction of the nose to correct any deformities; improves appearance
sensorineural loss hearing loss caused by defect in the inner ear resulting from damage to nerve tissue/sensory paths to the brain
septoplasty excision/resection of the septum to correct any deviation from injury; designed to improve function capabilites
simple mastoidectomy removal of the air cells of the mastoid process w/out involving the middle ear or external canal
sphenoidectomy creation of a new passageway for drainage/removal of diseased tissue in the sphenoidal sinuses
stomatitis inflammation of the mouth
thyroid cartilage triangular protrusion on the anterior wall of the larynx. adam's apple
tinnitus subjective ringing/tingling sound in the ear
tonsillecotmy & adenoidectomy removal of the tonsils/adenoids by sharp/blunt dissection
tympanoplasty any 1 of 5 procedures performed to repair defects in the tympanic membrane/middle ear
uvulopalatopharyngoplasty en bloc removal of lymphatic chains/all nonvital structures of the neck to stop metastic cancer of the cervical lymphatic chain
vertigo sensation of moving around in space, having objects move around you; makes equilibrium difficult
vocal cords membranous,fibrous bands stretched across the hollow interior of the larynx which vibrates to produce sound
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