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Ortho Surgery

Surgery 2

Diagnosis given to patients who present with a traumatic knee effusion, until proven otherwise ACL tear
possible graft choices in an ACL repair bone-patellar tendon-bone, hamstring autograft, cadaver allograft
best non-surgical treatment for osteoarthritis wt loss
most common cause of shoulder pain impingement
initial treatment for rotator cuff tendonitis physical therapy and NSAIDS
comorbid illness that predisposes to adhesive capsulitis diabetes
single most sensitive and specific physical exam finding in rotator cuff tears weakness with resisted external rotation and or abduction
indications for rotator cuff repair <60 yo, or 60-70 yo with favorable medical history and comorbities
shoulder dislocation that is the most common anterior
two fractures associated with the shoulder Bankart, Hill-sachs
test that should be ordered to rule out DVT in the case of shoulder pain doppler ultrasound
initial test to be ordered to evaluate post-operative pain x-ray to evaluate for hardware failure
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