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MMTC Med Term Final

MMTC Med Term Final Exam - Miller Motte Medical Terminology Final

What are the steps of the blood flow through the heart? R Atrium - Tricuspid Valve - R Ventricle - Pulmonic Valve - R Pulmonary Artery - Lungs - Pulmonary Veins - L Atrium - Mitral Valve - L Ventricle - Aortic Valve - Aorta - Body (Systemic Circulation) - Superior/Inferior Vena Cava - R Atrium
What are the steps of the digestive tract flow? Mouth - pharynx - esophagus - cardiac sphincter - stomach - pyloric sphincter - duodenum - jejunum - ilieum - ileocecal valve - cecum - ascending colon - transverse colon - descending colon - sigmoid colon - rectum - anus
The integumentary system is comprised of... the skin
The musculoskeletal system is comprised of... the muscles and bones (the skeleton)
The cardiovascular system is comprised of... the heart and blood vessels
The respiratory system is comprised of... the lungs (which aid in the exchange of gases)
The central nervous system is comprised of... the brain and spinal cord
The psychiatric system is comprised of... the mind
The endocrine glands primary function is... the secretion of hormones
gynec/o is the combining form for... woman
The main functions of the the arteries and veins are to... transport blood
The lymphatic system is the main portion of... the immune system
What is the male gamete called? sperm
Created by: evinsmc