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AP Euro Chapter 26

Europe Between the Wars 1919-1939

Who ended the policy of passive resistance and forced Germany to carry out most of the provisions of the Trety of Versailles while seekin g a new settlement of the reparation question? Gustav Streusman
What plan was created to reduce German reparation and stabilize Germany's payments on the basis of it's ability to pay in August of 1924? The Dawes Plan
What was the pact drafted by the American secretary, Frank B Kellog and French foreign minister Aristide Briand the made 63 nations pedge to renounce war as an instrument of national policy? Kellog Briand Pact 1928
What treaty was created in 1925? and what did it do? The TReaty of Locarno borught a new era of international cooperation and was written by Gustav Stresumann and Aristide Briand
What party grew to be the 2nd most powerful party in Britian and who did it allow to become first labor prime minister of britian? Labor Party, Ramsey McDonald
Who created a new era of prosperity in Britan between 1925 and 1929? Stanley Baldwin
What government used tarriffs and balancing of budget to get Brian out of the depression in 1936? National Government
Who published the General Thoery of Employment, Intrest, and money in 1936? John Maynard Keynes
What type of governmet used reparations to reconstruct the destroed areas of easter and Western France after the war National Bloc (coservative)
Who led the National Bloc Raymond Poincare
What replaced the national bloc, and who made up the group? Cartel of the LEft, radicals and socialists
Why wasnt the Cartel of the Left succesful? Radicals in the party were property owners, and the socialists of the party were commited to Marxist socialism, making them unable to sove France's financial problems between 1924 and 1926
What riots occured in February of 1934 and what party led them? The French Fascits groups (far right) led the February riots of 1934 against radical left wing parties
Who made up the popular front in 1936? and who were they led by? Communists, socialists, and radicals, led by Leon Blum (prime minister)
What did the popular front succeed in doing? and what was there program called? The French new deal gave right for collective bargains, 40 hr work weeks, 2 week paid vacations and minimum wages
Who won the election of 1932 in the U.S and enacted the New Deal? Franklin Roosevelt
What supported nation's banks and ensured safety of bank deposits up to 5,000 Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation
What managed industry, yet accomplished little and was deemed unconstitutional in 1935? National Recovery Administration
What did Roosevelts Second New Deal do? The Second New Deal stepped up programs of public works
What group led by Mussolinin was unpopular during the election of 1919 in Italy and recieved no delegates (hint: its where Mussolinin derives the word fascism from) Fascio di Comattimento
What grop of fascists were formed and used to attack socialist offices and newspapares in 1920? Squadristi
What intensified public outrage and led to pressure for mussolini to step down? The assisination of socialist deputy Giacomo Matteotti
Who proposed a new school charter whose basic aim was to create the fascist man and develop a single minded community? Giusseppe Bottai
What did Mussolini use to teach children the fascist ideals in 1939? (organization not a school) Young Fascists
After the defeat of Germany in World War I what was established? The Weimar Republic ( German democratic State)
Who became president of germany in 1925 and was eventually forced to make Hitler chancellor and for his won new government by force? Paul von Hindenburg
What party did Hitler join that was extreme nationalist? National Socialist German Workers Party
What did Hitler write while in Prison for five years for his failed uprising in Munich on November 8th? Mein Kampf
Who did Hitler chose to be ice chancellor of his new government?? Fanz von Pappen
Who did Hitler use to be a minister of interior and head of police in the Prussian state and use his power to make a non Nazi police become SA members? Herman Goring
What did the enabling act of March 1923 allow Hitler to do? The enabling act gave Hitler much more power and suspended the German constitution for 4 yrs allowing Hitler to deal with coutnries problems
What did Robert Ley regualte in German in order to control laborers? The German LAbor Front
What was used to terroize people in Germany and functioned on terror and ideology? SS
What did Hitler use to control youth and found a strong totalitarian state? Hitler Youth
What laws released in 1935 excluded non Aryans from marriages with Aryans to keep the Aryan race pure? Nurmeburg Laws
What was the Kristllnacht? The assisination of a secretary in the German embassy in PAris by a young Jew led to a rapage agianst Jews prohibiting JEws to go in public buildings, manage, or work in any retail store
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