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AP Euro Dates

A study stack for the dates in AP European History class.

1450 Movable printing press
1452-1519 Da Vinci
1453 Ottomans capture Constantinople
1485 Henry VII (Tudors) becomes first Tudor king of England
1492 Expulsion of Jews from Spain
1509 Erasmus, "Praise of Folly"
1512 Lateran Council
1513 Machiavelli, "The Prince"
1516 More, "Utopia"
1516 Concordat of Bologna
1517 Luther’s "Ninety-Five theses"
1519-1556 Charles V Holy Roman Emperor
1519-1522 Magellan circumnavigates the globe
1524-1525 Peasant’s Revolt in Germany
1527 Imperial sack of Rome
1528 Castiglione, "Book of the Courtier"
1532-1534 Henry VIII breaks with Rome
1534 Act of Supremacy
1535 Thomas More executed
1536 Pilgrimage of Grace
1541 Calvin establishes a theocracy in Geneva
1546 Luther died; start of religious wars
1550-1725 Baroque movement
1555 Peace of Augsburg
1556-1598 Philip II of Spain
1561-1626 Francis Bacon
1563 End of Council of Trent; end of Reformation
1564-1642 Galileo
1566-1609 Revolt in the Netherlands
1572 St Bartholomew’s Day Massacre
1588 Defeat of Spanish armada
1598 Edict of Nantes
1598-1613 Time of Troubles in Russia
1603 Death of Elizabeth I; end of the Renaissance
1603-1625 Reign of James I
1618-1648 Thirty Years’ War
1625-1649 Reign of Charles I of England
1630 Puritans settle Boston
1642 Death of Richelieu
1642-1649 English Civil War
1643-1715 Louis XIV
1648-1653 The Fronde in France
1651 Navigation Acts
1658 Cromwell died
1660 Restoration of English monarchy
1663-1683 Colbert’s commercialism in France
1665 Plague hits London
1666 Great Fire of London
1673 Test Act in England
1685 Revocation of the Edict of Nantes
1685-1688 Reign of James II
1688-1689 Glorious Revolution in England
1687 Newton, "Principia"
1689 Montesquieu born; start of the Enlightenment
1690 Locke, "Second Treaties on Civil Government"
1701 Tull invents the seed drill - start of Agricultural Revolution
1701-1713 War of Spanish Succession
1701 Foundation of St. Petersburg
1707 Act of Union with Scotland
1712 Savery and Newcomen steam pump
1713 Peace of Utrecht
1715-1774 Reign of Louis XV of France
1774-1792 Reign of Louis XVI of France
1720 Last appearance of the bubonic plague
1733 Kay's flying shuttle
1740-1748 War of Austrian Succession
1748 Treaty of Aix-la-Chapelle ends war of Austrian Succession
1740-1780 Reign of Maria Theresa of Austria
1751-1765 Publication of the Encyclopedia by Diderot and d’Alembert
1756-1763 Seven Years War [French and Indian War]
1762-1796 Reign of Catherine the Great of Russia
1765 Hargreaves invents the spinning jenny
1765 Richard Arkwright invents the water frame
1770-1827 Beethoven
1776 Smith, "Wealth of Nations"
1789 Start of the French Revolution
1790-1850 Romantic movement
1798 Malthus, "Essay on the Principle of Population"
1799-1814 Napoleonic era
1814-1815 Congress of Vienna
1819 Battle of Peterloo
1825 First railroad in Britain
1830s-40s Height of French Utopian socialism
1830 Revolution in France
1832 Reform Bill
1834 Poor Law Reform
1834 German Zollverein founded
1848 Marx, "Communist Manifesto"
1848 England complete occupation of India
1852-1870 Second Empire in France
1853-1856 Crimean War
1859 Darwin, "Origin of Species"
1862-1890 Bismarck in power
1864-1871 Unification of Germany
1864 Pope Pius IX, Syllabus of Errors
1867 Second Reform Bill
1869 Suez canal opens
1870-1940 Third Republic in France
1878 Congress of Berlin
1885 Berlin Conference
1880-1900 Scramble for Africa
1896 Kruger Telegram
1898 Fashoda crisis
1894-1899 Dreyfus case
1899 Kipling, "The White Man’s Burden"
1899-1902 Boer War
1904 Entente Cordiale (England and France)
1907 Anglo-Russian Treaty
1914 World War I
1916 Easter Rising, Dublin
1925 Locarno Pact
1939 Start of World War II in Europe
1956 Suez Crisis
1957 Treaty of Rome - created European Economic Community
1972 "Bloody Sunday" in Northern Ireland
Created by: Lucas_Campbell