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chapter 7.(:

muscles and joints.

In a_____joint the surfaces of the bone fit closely together, and the joint is immovable. fibrous
The_______tendon attaches the gastrocnemius muscle to the calcaneus. Achilles
The biceps femoris is part of a well-known muscle called the: hamstring muscle
The space between a freely movable joint is the: joint cavity
(true of false) The surgical removal of a bunion is called a ganglionectomy. false
(true or false) Smooth or visceral muscles lack the striations or stripes associated with skeletal muscles. true
The________muscle is triangular in shape, extends accross the back of the shoulder, and covers the back of the neck. trapezius
The crackling sounds associated with joint movement are called: crepitation
_______is a movement of a bone on its axis. rotation
The________muscle is located in the fleshy part of the cheek. buccinator
The muscle attachment to the less moveable bone is called the: origin
Select the term that best describes muscle pain: myalgia
(true or false) Extension decreases the angle between two bones. false
Thin sheets of connective tissue that penetrate and cover skeletal muscles are called: fascia
(true or false) Flaccid paralysis is the result of atrophy and shortening of the muscle fibers. false
(true or false) Wasting away of muscular tissue is called atrophy. true
(true or false) Flexion increases the angle between two bones. false
Another name for joint, the point at which two bones connect is: articulation
Located at the angle of the jaw, the_____muscle is used in biting and chewing. masseter
A______joint allows limited movement, as in the joint between the pubic bones of the pelvis. cartilaginous
Select the term that describes the act of rotating the arm so the palm of the hand is turned downward or backward. pronation
(true or false) An x-ray of a joint after injection of a contrast medium is known as bunionectomy. false
Movements in many directions are associated with a___________joint. ball-and-socket
________narrows the angle between the leg and the top of the foot. dorsiflexion
A____joint allows movement in one direction. hinge
Muscles are attached to bones by tissues called: tendons
Turning the palms up of forward is called__________. supination
________is another name for joint pain. arthralgia
A(n)__________is another name for the point at which two bones come together. articulation
Visualization of the interior of a joint is called_________. arthroscopy
Surgical repair of a joint. arthroscopy
The point of muscle attachment to the freely moveable bone: insertion
Free movement is associated with________joints. synovial.
Moving an extremity in a circular motion is called_________. circumduction
A small sac of synovial fluid that functions to lubricate the synovial joint is called a_____. bursa
Pain in several muscles is the definition for: polymyalgia
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